While the concept of design can primarily be to creature a beautiful surface aesthetic, the recent fusion between jewellery and tableware by Sayar & Garibeh’s allows eaters to create their very own composition using plates of differing sizes, creating an entirely unique dining experience. (Design-Milk, 2015)


Sayar & Garibeh

The fine collection dubbed “Bangle”, is a unique experimental plate collection constructed from precious materials such as marble, stainless steel, gold plate and copper. Designed for creative and sophisticated food lovers, the collection hosts a black finish used to emphasise and appreciate personal food boundaries. Marking emphasis on personal space at the dinner table, each piece is placed in an intimate position where the individual can create frontiers by using the designs to outline their space. The layout can then be altered by discarding the base of the plate and maintaining the outer edge, setting the necessary distance at which one allows others to approach. (Crowdy House, 2015)


Sayar & Garibeh

With each piece available in a range of different heights and diameters, the contemporary collections array of shapes allow ease of stacking and storage.  Allowing each user to tailor their personal dining experience in a tasteful demure setting. (Sayargaribeh, 2015).


Sayar & Garibeh

Discussing the exciting fusion between jewellery and tableware, talented tableware designer Kathleen Reilly considers the concept of presenting utensils in this light as humorous, claiming it provides practical character and in essence “gives tableware a new life.”

Confirming  this common place is often overlooked as a source of design inspiration, the Scottish silversmith believes many people view utensils as a necessity, as eating and drinking are firmly embedded in our daily routine. Her belief that, each piece is intimate and unique makes this work relevant and engaging to a mass audience;

“In re-inventing the common place we can challenge and question traditional approaches with the ability to change rituals and aesthetics when dining”.

With increasing focus on the relationship between the individual and each tableware piece.  The individual has the freedom to apply, remove and create intricate patterns on the surface of the table, in a similar way to which jewellery is adopted to adorn the body. Retaining the amplifying essence of beauty and elegance, the exploration of contemporary dining inspired from jewellery design has produced a range of intriguing and conceptual revolutionary tablewares.

Kathleen Reilly

Commenting on this relatively un-touched area of design, Reilly makes reference to her accessorised teapot design, and its ability to connect with the individual, Reilly states;

“Why can’t we redefine our table tops – why cant a teapot or plate experience the same glamour a girl can have when she puts on her favourite necklace? And more so when the piece itself heightens the dining experience for the user.” Kathleen Reilly


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