Lea Lov, a London based label founded by Marina Petti, offers a playful alternative on the iconic leather biker jacket. Through an interview with the Creative director and designer, HausMag gains insight on the unique brand that revolves around the bold recreation of a clothing item found in every woman’s wardrobe.

The Magyar Collection⎮ Photograph courtesy of Lea Lov

The Magyar Collection⎮ Photograph courtesy of Lea Lov

The story of how the label was founded, originates from an old suede jacket that Marina customized by adding ancient embroidered panels that she bought from her travels. What originally started off as a small bespoke vintage collection, with only five pieces that were sold to her friends, became the brand we see today: Lea Lov. As if she was able to foresee future trends, Marina designed embroidered leather before it got big on the runway. This essence of experimentation that was so prevalent in the roots of the brand, continues to be one of the main trial and error techniques that Marina uses to produce these bold and invigoratingly creative fashion items in her collections today. The designer, who has earned herself three degrees in fashion design, social communication and fashion journalism, constantly applies her knowledge and expertise into creating unprecedented, but approachable looks.

The Magyar Collection⎮ Photograph courtesy of Lea Lov

Marina is always keeping her eyes out on materials she finds, as it makes for significant inspiration for synthesizing different textiles, in a multitude of ways. She enjoys layering shapes and colors to create playful compositions that could be embedded into her leather jacket designs. Lea Lov is currently testing out intarsia; a manual technique that places leather together like puzzle pieces.

The Hunter Collection⎮ Photograph courtesy of Lea Lov

Her ultimate goal for the brand is to create an impeccable but comfortable fit that acts like the wearer’s second skin. She aims to establish looks that a woman can get many wears out of on a daily basis, and as a finishing touch to their outfit.

“It is something that has a certain allure, with a certain attitude too.”

Oversized Rey Jacket⎮ Photograph courtesy of Lea Lov

Marina also sheds light on Lea Lov’s latest Paris Texas collection. As she puts it, “it embraces influence from classic kitsch Americana and timeless streetwear style”. The brand makes use of the highest quality leather, pony skin, faux fur and hardware.  Her personal favorite from the collection is the Mimi Tassel Flap Bag, adorned with little stars — motifs inspired by the decorative cut-out designs found on cowboy boots.

Mimi Tassle Flap Bag⎮ Photograph courtesy of Lea Lov

Lulie Waistcoat⎮ Photograph courtesy of Lea Lov

Ara Biker Leather Jacket⎮ Photograph courtesy of Lea Lov

With the vision of a small production and very crafted pieces in mind, Marina claims no intentions of becoming a mainstream designer, but places emphasis on creating something unique, desirable and wearable.

With special thanks to Marina Petti for her insightful words and artistic inspiration on Lea Lov.