With a hall filled with creative wonders and studios brimming with wondrous talent, London College of Communication presents its exciting summer graduate show. Exhibiting work from areas such as, graphic design, design management and cultures, illustration and visual media and many more.

DSC_0779London College of Communication | Installation

Sofia Lucarelli | The Jesus Love Affair

As part of the illustration and visual media display Sofia Lucarelli’s witty narrative entitled ‘The Jesus Love Affair’ juxtaposed modern social contexts with the traditional cultural figures of Christianity. Portraying Jesus as a ‘Player’ the outcomes became light-hearted parodies illustrated in a delicate and playful manner.

Green Space | Lena Nielsen

Lena Nielsen is the founder and creator of the Stjörnu design ‘Thinking and Management’. For her final major project, Nielsen co-designed Green Week, an event where a green space was constructed to explore how it would affect the mental state of creators, take holders, and end-users through the added architectural use and value.

“I personally believe that humans and nature are one, but that humans are co-dependent on nature than vice versa, as humans cannot survive without nature, but nature can survive without humans.” said Lena Nielsen

Brutalist Letterforms | Beth Johnson

Typography truly sees no boundaries as recent graduate Beth Johnson reveals. Johnson’s self-initiated project explores the building blocks of Brutalist architecture through space and form using typography as a dominant platform. This talented designer’s work features 3D rendered letterforms based upon the iconic shapes within Brutalist architecture and is predominantly designed for digital application and environmental graphics.

Brutalist Letterforms | Beth Johnson

Brutalist Letterforms | Beth Johnson

Get Curious | Nilufer Cetin

Creating exciting graphic identities, graduate Nilufer Cetin, responded to designing a graphic identity for a new kind of cultural destination. Deciding to base his idea around Birmingham’s dance scene, in conjunction, adding animalistic 3D rendered heads on the dancers included within the print pieces. A decision made so that the designer could spread the awareness of endangered species following his visit to Birmingham’s animal conversation programme.

Get Curious | Nilufer Cetin

High Street Tailoring | Carlotta Gallo

High Street Tailoring | Carlotta Gallo

Accompanied with the graduates projects were research books, documenting their ideas, inspirations and journey of their final major project. Carlotta Gallo produced a beautiful journal called ‘Keep it Local’, investigating the value of local makers and their skills creating an anti-fast fashion project. This piece aimed to support tailors of a particular community in Islington, London.

“My solution is a Guide to Islington’s best tailors containing their contact details, a map to find them and their story.” Carlotta Gallo

Written by Amber Weaver

Edited by Christina Wright


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