On the 10th September, one week before London Fashion Week (LFW) kicked off; The London Designers Collective (LDC) hosted their first Pop Up Shop in Central London at Lights Of Soho. They brought fresh, exciting, and exclusive products to their customers, as the perfect preview to what’s to come for LFW. Here’s the HausMag highlights.


Vintage Licks | Photography by Huazhen Hu

image 18

LDC Team | Photography by Huazhen Hu

London Designers Collective is the result of emerging London Fashion brands’ and their desire to turn the fashion industry on its head. The Collective aims to create a platform for small emerging brands to combine efforts and host multi-label pop up shops—bouncing off each others social and digital reaches. LDC want to create a space for their customers to interact, explore, shop, relax and enter the world of emerging brands.

LDC’s first pop up included 9 amazing Fashion forward brands: REIN, HouseThirteen, The 7 9 6 2 Studio, Sarah & Sorrentino, AlphaOmega London, Lime N Soda, MEAME, Barbara Yarde and Vintage-Licks.

Barbara Yarde Jewelry | Photography by Huazhen Hu


MEAME | Photography by Huazhen Hu


Sarah & Sorrentino | Photography by Huazhen Hu


AlphaOmega London | Photography by Huazhen Hu

HouseThirteen | Photography by Huazhen Hu


REIN | Photography by Huazhen Hu


REIN | Photography by Huazhen Hu

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Pop up shop | Photography by Huazhen Hu

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Pop up shop | Photography by Huazhen Hu

With special thanks to London Designer Collective and Lights of Soho for their hospitality.

Discover more events at Lights of Soho at  35 Brewer St, London W1F 0RX, United Kingdom

Written by Huazhen Hu

Edited by Sonia Wan