Since the first smartphone was graced with a forward-facing camera, the internet has been awash with the “selfie”. As recent reports confirmed the average millennial could potentially take about 25,700 selfies in his or her lifetime, it’s apparent the popularity of the self-portrait is showing no signs of slowing down. ( Ibtimes, 2015)

Offering a visionary approach with a digital twist, Italian graphic designer Giuseppe Pepe has been removing the heads of Instagrammers across the world as part of his digital art project, #LoosingMyMind.

Introduced in 2014, the anti-selfie project was established after Pepe saw a group of men using a mirror to reflect the sunshine, covering their faces whilst taking a selfie on the beach. Since introducing the first digitally manipulated image of himself without his head, the works of the graphic designer have since gone viral.

#LoosingMyMindGiuseppe Pepe

#LoosingMyMindGiuseppe Pepe

#LoosingMyMindGiuseppe Pepe

#LoosingMyMindGiuseppe Pepe

#LoosingMyMind | Giuseppe Pepe

#LoosingMyMindGiuseppe Pepe

As the selfie culture continues to generate consumer interest, Pepe’s specialised variation of the concept has seen users from all around the world submitting their own images for him to manipulate;

“Since the head is the primary part of our beauty, I decided to create a project that reflected the secondary [body] part instead.” Giuseppe Peppe (Ignant, 2016)


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