Autumn/Winter 2017 Paris menswear fashion week reaches viral trending, partly due to the debut of Louis Vuitton‘s menswear debut for this season. Kim Jones, the Vuitton menswear designer, brought the latest collection out of his long-tracing-back admiration for cult street wear label, Supreme. Borrowing the daring and adventurous vibe from Supreme’s sharp color contrast accent red and white.

LV x Supreme AW17 | Photography courtesy of Hypebeast

Toying with the Vuitton signature monogram, four-petal flowers and Supreme logo, the show on January 19th fascinated everyone. The classic one-handle trunk painted in Supreme’s signature red was baiting you, with its eye-catching ‘Supreme’ logo down the runway. Accessories attached to the bags or phones are sure to be the next cult items.

LV x Supreme AW17 | Photography courtesy of Hypebeast

Not only the leather offerings, but also the full looks including shirts and skate deck were flawlessly catered to the appetites of mass fashion aficionados. The denim shirts patterned fully with Vuitton monogram and Supreme logo explain the spirit of this collaborative collection in the best way. Elements from Supreme are in every single look; the conversation between these 2 brands have explored deeply.

LV x Supreme AW17 | Photography courtesy of Hypebeast

It surely makes merriness for both Supreme and Louis Vuitton customers. For the prestigious French house, its glamour and sophistication does not shrink one bit. Instead, the American, sporty spirit of this collaboration successfully adds to the brand. For Supreme, it isn’t its first step in high fashion but surely the most dramatic one concerning the lawsuit with Vuitton from a few years ago.

LV X Supreme look in aw2017 Paris menswear fashion week | Photography courtesy of Vogue

LV x Supreme AW17 | Photography courtesy of Vogue

Embracing commercial elements is not a surprising move for such upper-echelon market players like Louis Vuitton, since recent years we have seen its continuous efforts to add more colors and youthful elements to refresh its image.


LV x Supreme AW17 | Photography courtesy of Vogue

“Today, when you think of menswear in New York, you think of Supreme. It’s a global phenomenon. I think that the power of their prints combined with Louis Vuitton prints with a touch of pop art, could just be perfect”.

–Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton menswear designer

LV x Supreme AW17 | Photography courtesy of Vogue

Under the general unoptimistic environment in the luxury fashion industry, brands have been reaching out to celebrities or brands with different culture to come up with more favorable design. Street arts have become increasingly chic. The combination between haute and commercial fashion is not a new story.


Lady Dior Art limited edition | Photography courtesy of Dior

Last year, Gucci launched Guccighost bags with graffiti elements from street art in close collaboration with Trouble Andrew. In addition, the Italian brand, in its rebirth, experimented with the exterior image of its flagship store on the Fifth Avenue, with graffiti and pop art like elements.


Exterior look of Gucci store on the Fifth Avenue | Photography courtesy of Gucci

Collaboration such as Louis Vuitton with Supreme nowadays creates new panorama in the fashion landscape. One-off collections may produce a water-cooler topic or a short-term excitement for market. Nevertheless, “more is more’. More chemistry between brands can win the struggling market with more stakes.

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