2016 has been a glorious year for Gucci house and also for its creative director Alessandro Michele. CFDA Fashion Awards of 2016 granted Alessandro the International Award for his quirky and original style. Anna Wintour remarked Alessandro’s revolutionary contributions to the fashion industry in her toast: “Many people are happier that their very new clothes don’t immediately come old”. With vast over-consumption and consumerism, it seems that the fashion prestige are trying to shed a light on what should come next.


Gia Coppola and Alessandro Michele at 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards | Photography courtesy of Alamy Live News

The core feature of a consumerist society is to keep buying new things and thus, updating wardrobes. However, meticulous designers can hardly keep up with current pace. This creates with many problems, such as the drop of product and design quality. This drawback is hidden under the beautiful disguise of clever marketing campaigns and popular Instagram pictures.

Balmain SS17 Campaign | Photography courtesy of ELLE

Balmain SS17 Campaign | Photography courtesy of ELLE

Blogger and Entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni, YSL Ambassador | Photography courtesy of Chiara Ferragni,

Thousands of likes on Instagram celebrate pictures which feature seemingly natural and glamorous looks. But for the most part, these particular pictures are deliberately managed, curated carefully out of numbers of shots and put on the best filter to create this ‘effortless’ image. It’s all about looking good. But for the fashion industry, especially for luxury and couture, artisanal spirit sits at it’s core.


Inside the Atelier | Photography courtesy of House of Herrera

High fashion amenities should be ensured by superior fabrics, exquisite details and quintessential chic. Classic pieces will never be defined by how fast they adapt to short-lived public fantasy. Instead, they should be made with the intention for eternal beauty. In a world where social media figures are idolised, designers and brands have to follow the trend to win a place in the market. The world of high-end fashion should utilise social media platforms instead of being succumbed to it.


Paris Vogue Festival held in November| Photography courtesy of Vogue

I’m trying to push my personal vision of the contemporary world that we don’t have to think it’s new just because it looks new. It could be new but it’s not exactly new.

Alessandro Michele, 2016


Looks from the Gucci Garden | Photography courtesy of Gucci

The world is obsessed with Rococo-vintage-meet-contemporary-style, as presented by Gucci. This unique ‘more is more’ image is strengthened by fashion shows and marketing campaigns. It’s interesting to see how Alessandro’s daring and poetic collections dovetail perfectly with mass communication. In such virtuous circle, Alessandro can continue to break rules and dream more freely in such a big luxury house. While at the same time, the public increasingly craves for more of the magic from Gucci’s garden.


Looks from the Gucci Garden | Photography courtesy of Gucci


Valentino runway look from PreFall 2017 | @maisonvalentino

Customers will come to a point, where they will re-think their over-consumption and the hype caused by digital influencers and brands. They will become more aware of how their clothes are made, and eventually we may reach a more sustainable cycle for fashion.

Special thanks to CFDA Fashion Awards for press materials.