Producing works of wearable art created by hand with delicacy and care, Malin Ohlsson is the skilled silversmith from Sweden offering jewellery design with a personal touch.

Malin  | Constructing the latest collection in Hatton Studios | Photography by Hausie

Inspired by the masterful artisan skills of her Grandparents, the Swedish designer was enchanted with the possibilities to craft objects by hand. With an avid interest in painting, weaving and fabric work, Malin began her creative journey and produced a sea-shell necklace with her Grandfather as her first piece.

With an intense passion for design, Ohlsson made the bold move to leave her course in Political Science and pursue her dreams of silversmithing in Stockholm. As a keen apprentice the Swedish designer fell in love with the art of construction and became a pioneer of  handcraft artisan. Focusing on producing intimate jewellery, Malin became fascinated with the ability to shape and form objects from large silver sheets, establishing a strong connection the robust material.

Malin Ohlsson | Mesh Collection

Reflecting on the intricate croquet skills of her Grandmother, Ohlsson’s inspiration led to the production of her exquisite croquet necklace, a piece that holds immense nostalgia and great personal importance.

Malin Ohlsson | Leaf Collection

As a hands-on designer Malin likes to begin her creative process on paper due to its tangibility, then beings sketching 3d models to generate an estimation for future sizes.

Malin Ohlsson | Leaf Collection

Believing her work is based on constant improvements, or discovering new techniques in silversmithing, Malin deems her constant strive for amelioration as a way of making her artistry more appealing. With an immense admiration of artistry expertise, Ohlsson comments on her personal feelings after completing each design;

“When I make something with my hands it is a part of me and in my finished jewellery – I give away a piece of myself.”

Malin Ohlsson | Leaf Collection Earrings

With an exquisite collection of clean shapes and minimal design, Ohlsson embraces her Scandinavian heritage and embeds it among her designs. Offering an exciting range that is accessible to everyone, every design offers touches of timeless style with a contemporary twist.

Malin Ohlsson | Anatomy Collection

Designing with enhanced focus on agility and optimum comfort, the anatomy collection hosts a series of of chunky rings and bangles that follow the shape of the body. Providing a smooth aesthetic with an industrial feel, the collection encompasses an essence of subtly yet endorses hints of eccentric style. The subdued tones ensure the collection is versatile to complement everyday attire, whilst each ring features curvature indents on its exterior to guarantee a comfortable fit.

Malin Ohlsson | Homesickness Collection

Drawing inspiration from her hometown whilst residing in Stockholm, Malin created her Homesickness collection, a unique array of geographical pieces. Proud of her roots and feeling disconnected due to distance, the captivating map designs honour her heritage with an encompassed sense of allure. Touching each design with an emphatic twist, the Sweedish designer aims to embed the sentimental memories of childhood, friends and family within her elegant collections.

Interview with Malin Ohlsson | Photography by Hausie

With an intense desire to connect with wearers through the adornment of each piece, Malin heartwarmingly comments on how she wants her wearers to feel;

“I want to make people happy, I want to see them smile and laugh.” — Malin Ohlsson


With special thanks to Malin Ohlsson for her insightful words and inspiration.