Raised in a multi-cultural environment, Israeli designer Shimon Ezekiel, is the talented hybrid revolutionising the worlds of  product, jewellery and garment design.

Beginning his journey as an inquisitive small child, the talented designer would pull apart his electrical appliances in a bid to discover what lay inside. Later opening his own renovation business, Shimon was intrigued by the role of a product designer, believing it was everything he ever wanted to do under the one job title.

Ezekiel Design Studio | Geometric Twin Wood Necklace | Double – 2 Finger Ring

With a penchant for product, Ezekiel went on to study arts and design, believing his knowledge of art and manufacturing methods were the perfect combination to construct his future artistic designs. 

With an abundance of experience derived from careers in industrial design, product design, carpentry, electrician, formal restaurant owner, exhibitions designer, flight control technician and renovator, Ezekiel is endorsed with the sharp skill sets and disciplines from various backgrounds. Applying his experience to his abstruse design process, Shimon touches his designs with the essence of minimalism, adopting an array of simple shapes and basic forms in order to keep his aesthetics clean and finalise with the signature polished finish.

Ezekiel Design Studio | Moon Wooden Necklace | Mix Mahogany Wood Ring

Thinking about each design in a product orientated manner,  Ezekiel ensures each object is receptive to the same treatment, whether it’s a car, necklace or chair. Labelling his intricate designs, as  “wearable furniture” or “wearable statues” the Israeli creative believes that design is embedded within one’s chain of thought;   

I believe that a designer is someone who thinks like one, it’s a why of life and as a designer i can implement my why of thinking on everything.” – Shimon Ezekiel

Ezekiel Design Studio  | Black & White Stick Earrings | Flat Drop Earrings

Diligently constructing his collection with unwanted or recycled materials, Ezekiel believes it’s a pivotal time for the future of sustainability and the jewellery industry is no exception. Presenting each product as a beautiful simulacrum for emphasised dedication and care, the artist believes it’s the responsibility of every individual to help the planet.

Ezekiel Design Studio | Flat Wave –  Mahogany Wood Ring

Exploring new boundaries and experimenting with design,  Ezekiel Design Studio has recently collaborated with his fashion designer wife Zohar Kalev. Introducing their sophisticated label ‘TWO| TONE,” the artistic duo apply their collective creativity to the new exciting field of garment design. Constructing wardrobe essentials for the modern woman, the couple use top quality fabrics to guarantee comfort whilst enriching each piece with an aura of elegance. Creating a recent capsule collection, the emerging brand is based on 3 principles;

“Times classic design with our interpretation, Best quality materials available and the most comfortable model. Our inspiration comes from design classics such as the male Buttoned shirt, We try to make pieces that are timeless. “

Ezekiel Design Studio | Small Mandala Necklace

Honouring Ezekiel’s strong eco-stance,  TWO|TONE  donate their leftover fabrics to local shelters and adopt 100% cotton in an attempt to eradicate the use of plastics within the supply chain.

With an exciting bag collection in production, the creative duo plan to expand their design empire, attracting consumers through the medium of their creative language.    

Two | Tone Gray Dress Devoe | Ezekiel Design Studio – Fan Necklace

Maintaining a simple artistic outlook, the talented designer labels his plethora of artisanship and craftsmanship techniques as “designmnship.” With each object uniquely handcrafted and encompassed with a specialised touch,  Ezekiel describes the wearers of his designs as stylish individuals;            

“I want them to know and feel like trendsetters. People who are very unique individuals who understand good design and understand that the piece they are wearing is made with great care, by hand and after a long process of trial and error.” 


With special thanks to Shimon Ezekiel for his insightful words and inspiration.