Whilst exploring the VIP preview of the prestigious Art Central showcase in March, the Hausie team became instantly engrossed by the cosmical silver egg installation of Ovolo Hotels. The “Floating Identity” project by Hong Kong artist Ms Movana Chen exhibited 100 of Ovolo’s shiny eggs, diligently interweaved with shredded travel maps made from the hotels three locations, Melbourne, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

Floating Identity Installation | Art Central | Photography by Hausie

Guiding us through his world of business and creativity, the visionary creative, CEO, and founder of Ovolo Hotels Girish Jhunjhnuwala spoke exclusively to Hausie’s Founder & CEO, Vivian Peng-Williams.

Ovolo Southside | Hong Kong | Photography by Hausie

Launched in 2002, the Ovolo empire is based on the comprehension of the modern traveller. Ensuring all amenities and requirements are met by their detail-driven management approach, the boutique hotel offers unlimited Wi-Fi, abundant socket placement for travelling e-devices to a free in-room mini bar for all guests. Delivering a personalised touch with a millennial twist.

Ovolo Southside | Hong Kong | Photography by Hausie

The award-winning businessman began his creative journey with the objective to make every hotel property unique to its surrounding culture, locality and neighbourhood. With input from millennials whom Jhunjhnuwala dubbed as  “the trendsetters of today and who will be the trendsetters going forward”, the CEO keeps in touch with the moving market-place and ensures the latest trends and styles remain contemporary throughout every hotel.

Ovolo Southside | Rooftop | Photography by Hausie

Aiming to create a comfortable setting encompassed by the artistic traits of the local environment, the entrepreneur offers an array of unique designs specific to the hotel’s location. As creativity can differ immensely from one culture to another, the entrepreneur works closely with curators and local artists to achieve the correct balance;

“Very few people do it right, and I was one of those who was determined to do it right.”

Working closely with all the surrounding communities, the businessman familiarises himself with the local market-place then places a large leap of faith in his local architects;

“It’s about taking a risk and relying on the correct person whom really understands what the local culture is all about.”

Ovolo Southside Hotel | Photography by Hausie

The Ovolo Southside Hotel soaks in the art and industrial design of the Aberdeen neighbourhood of Hong Kong. The architecture hosts an industrial essence with a narrative of breathtaking artworks on display around ever corner. 

Ovolo Southside | Rooftop Bar | Franky Structure | Photography by Hausie

By the hotel’s reception stands an iron chain linked sculpture known as “Franky”. Constructed by Korean artist Seo Young-Deok, the design is based on the clash between his urban and rural lifestyle experiences. Constructed from raw materials, the Korean artist configures the textured components to deliver a moving message of human sentiment.

Ovolo Southside | Cyrcle | Rooftop Mural | Photography by Hausie

The hotel’s rooftop hosts an extraordinary mural, as the only one of its kind in Hong Kong the image represents a depiction of an anonymous Chinese uprising against an imaginary dynasty. Constructed by LA-based creative duo Cyrcle, the art piece aims to shed light on otherwise dark matters.

Ovolo Southside | Parent’s Parents | East Meets West | Photography by Hausie

Lining the hotel corridors of the 22nd floor is the is the extraordinary “When East Meets West” mural by Parent’s Parents. With enhanced focus on the endless Chinese Empire that changed after Emperor Pu Yi clashed with western culture, the “Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate” artwork focuses on the repetitiveness of Hong Kongs everyday life.

Ovolo Southside | Photography by Hausie

As all Ovolo properties across Hong Kong and Australia are owned by Jhunjhnuwala, this allows the brand to retain its creative integrity and artistic characteristics. Discussing the signature aesthetic of Ovolo, the CEO claims he is highly focused on strengthening customer relations, building relationships and providing a friendly and meaningful experience;

“We look at what makes you work first, and then it makes makes us work”

Mr Girish Jhunjhnuwala & Vivian Peng-Williams | Photography by Hausie

When questioned what advice Mr Girish Jhunjhnuwala, CEO & Founder of Ovolo would give emerging artisans, Jhunjhnuwala humbly stated one should never challenge the status-quo;

“Do things that really should be done and don’t think about why others are not doing, as that’s why it will work.”

With special thanks to Girish Jhunjhnuwala, for his time and artistic inspirations.