Bringing last season’s statement necklaces off the collarbone and around the neck, the neck-adorning choker is assuming its runway spotlight once again.

With a maze of metallics, sculptural curves and intricate motifs arranged into curlicues, this 90s staple has resurfaced with a dramatic allure.


While chokers are predominately adorned by women, Northern Irish designer JW Anderson has adopted this signature style with a playful flair of androgynism. Live-streaming his underground runway couture show, on homosexual social networking app Grindr-  this show marked history as the first of its kind. (JW ANDERSON, 2016)


Basing their 2016 collection on the brand’s core pillars, androgyny with a hint of futurism, every model was exquisitely articulated in tight a fitted perspex choker. The grunge accessory featured punctured penny size holes accompanied with flat bedded silver studs.

Anderson proved himself once again as a connoisseur of the experimental avant-garde, demonstrating his inventive abilities of combining the unexpected to produce a fierce unique aesthetic. 


Breathing life into his “urban tale,” the Northern Irish designer draped his future Dracula’s in patterned furs, shimmery satin costumés, ripped cardigans, snail prints, trailing ribbons, and bicoloured lace-ups. (Vogue, 2015)

BEGADA | Cage Choker


Driving fierce exoticism into this runway trend, Begada applies a contemporary twist to amaze and fuel our love affair with India’s artisan handiwork. Revolutionising this unique style with a modern twist, the  breathtaking embroidery fused with radiant bursts of colour prove although this staple is conceptual, it can also appear sophisticated.

O.YANG | Joinery in Jewels


Dawning the choker with an art deco twist, Chinese designer O.YANG encompasses a passion for contemporary art and Asian culture.  The “Joinery in Jewels” collection reflects the thoughts of Yin and Yang, playing on the concept that only the reverse exists in the relationship balance. With applied hints of rouge and gold, each object is hallmarked a unique structure and dramatic graphic outlay.

Drawing inspiration from everyday objects by exploring their forms and materials, the Chinese designer reimagines them into a fashion jewellery context.

Juefang Yang | Alabaster Choker


Juefang Yang puts down fierce roots in his “Practical Desirability” collection. His splendor chokers are decked out with oversized screws, illustrating the extraordinary accessory with an industrial touch. 

Fusing precious stones with lower-valued objects, Yang creates a multi-referential content and reinvests the objects with new meanings.



Adding acceleration to modern style, the outlandish bold choker by Polish designer PANI KA leaves limits to the imagination. Exploring the relationship between the body and jewellery forms, PANI KA reflects her fascination of geometry whilst exploring the boundaries of the jewellery.

Proving the tight neck-piece can be a sophisticated staple, historian-turned-jeweler Randi Mates of Aesa comments on the quirky objects resurgence;

“Wearing a piece that fits so closely to the throat, draws up your spine and changes the way you hold yourself.” Randi Mates of Aesa (Vogue, 2011)


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