In the early spring of 2017, 7000 visitors turned up the heat at the DHUB design hub, during Beijing Fashion Week. Attracting a plethora of Chinese fashion aficionados, HAUSIE accepted a proposal from the China Fashion Association (CFA) to bring 10 clothing brands to the runway and 15 accessories brands to the spotlight showroom exhibition. Different aesthetic styles across the border were presented, with a global vision well demonstrated.


Beijing Fashion Week | Photography courtesy of CFA


Participated brand Ponyo Porco | Photography courtesy of CFA

HAUSIE was proud to introduce designers from diverse backgrounds, giving a mixed vibe to the landscape, shaping contemporary beauty. Tradition meets modernity. Oriental dream meets western lifestyle. Minimalist meets vivid palettes. With so many brands, see a brief introduction of three of our participated brands, to give a glimpse of the joint efforts of HAUSIE and CFA.

Dafna May | Photography courtesy of CFA

Aaizel | Photography courtesy of CFA

Melissa Bui Atelier | Photography courtesy of CFA


The award-wining ‘Transformers’ collections expresses perfectly the designer’s unique mind on jewelry: opulence in a versatile way. Myriam’s hand-crafted statement pieces relate to nature, modern life and individuality. The sesigner’s delicate taste for jewelries can be explored through the details of the pieces. Vibrant colors, exquisite craftsmanship, delightful shapes. They are young and dynamic.


Triangle ring from The Linear Project collection | Photography courtesy of MyriamSOS


The Falcon – Transformers collection | Photography courtesy of MyriamSOS

A combination of maximum flexibility with minimum drama, every piece is tailored to suit all kinds of occasions. Myriam also has strong business sense. She seizes the chance in the market gap of transformable jewelry and implements strategy through multi-channels to communicate with customers.

Designer showcase booth in Beijing Fashion Week | Fashion WOW

Designer showcase booth in Beijing Fashion Week | Fashion WOW

HAUSIE Beijing Fashion Week Showroom Entrance

HAUSIE Beijing Fashion Week Showroom Entrance | Photography by HausMag

HZ by Hissa Zainal

Hissa Zainal explores timeless beauty with avant-garde drama yet expresses it with an element of simplicity. As an award-winning Qatari designer, international press has laid their attention on this growing brand. In the Beijing Fashion Show runway, clean silhouettes and rough florals dominated the runway. Pastel-toned ensembles with bold sleeve shapes captured the eyes instantly.

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HZ by Hissa Zainal at Beijing Fashion Week | Photography courtesy of CFA

Hissa pays attention to today’s world and is dedicated in creating garments that flatter women’s body in a Qatari way. She is proud of her background and is ambitious to collaborate with both local and international designers, from graphics to interior designers under the HZ brand. As a businesswoman herself, she visualizes a revolutionary development model, where brands can work together to build larger customer base.

‘The HZ woman stands out in the crowd. She is a trend setter in her own right.’

Hissa Zainal, 2015

Phuong My

Poised between tradition and innovation, Phuong My uses sartorial features to show the virtue of Asian women. They are courageous and sensitive, strong and elegant. The beautiful and striking silhouettes built up with luxury fabrics posed gently, with a flaming western influence.


Phuong My at Beijing Fashion Week | Photography courtesy of CFA

Phuong My at Beijing Fashion Week | Photography courtesy of CFA

Intermingling top materials outsourced around the world, with traditional craft is proved to prompt success. Every piece by Phuong My is like poetry, capturing the essential inner strength of Asian women. The designer, Tran Phoung My, pays a lot of attention on the fabric selection and clothing construction. Rather than becoming a one-hit wonder, Tran is more keen on the organic growth of her beloved brand.


2017 spring/summer collection | photography courtesy of Phuong My

‘If she sits with one leg crossed, I want the fabric to fall down one leg elegantly.’

Phuong My

HAUSIE was honoured to have collaborated with the China Fashion Association, and look forward to future events together!

Special thanks to FashionWOW, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and respective designers for Press Materials