The Alchemist, an international bestselling novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho delivers a captivating take on the crystal. The book relays a tale where a crystal merchant requests the protagonist to clean the crystals in his shop as a way to ‘cleanse the minds of negative thoughts’.

The dubbed “healing stones” created from magma from the Earth’s inner core, are often believed to contain a strong energy field attracting people at specific moments to aid weaknesses or enhance strengths.(Eluxe Magazine, 2015).

In reality, although crystals and minerals have significant importance in healing and meditation rituals, they have become a trendy new addition to fashion jewellery and lifestyle products. Over the years, it has become a new metaphysical trend for people to wear crystals and minerals on their bodies.


LaViePrints Geode Wall Art | Mineral Heritage Stamps

Each type of crystal is formed by a specific group of atoms and carries their own vibrational frequencies;  crystals increase the frequency of light while affecting the movement of photons, allowing them to evolve accordingly with environmental changes and our energy systems.

With a unique array of custom styles, the adornment of healing crystals not only looks good but also aims to establish a sacred link between the piece and the wearer.

eeimage1 Nova Titanium Quartz Necklace | Gemstones Collection by Eclectic Eccentricity

British jewellery brand Eclectic Eccentricity (EE) gives healing jewellery an extra level of uniqueness offering whimsical stones with a quirky twist. Specialising in re-imagining vintage components, talented British designer Lucy Crick hosts a narrative of unique treasures fused with enchanting stones from all four corners of the globe.


Tove AmethystsNYMPH Pink Agate Gemstone Necklace

Describing her brand in a simple statement, Crick claims:

“This is the heart of EE: each and every piece weaves a tale, from its individual components, a new story is made…. it’s jewellery with stories to tell….”


Agate Coasters | Agate Bookends

Aside of fashion jewellery, the use of crystals and minerals have also been incorporated into home decor products. American homeware retailer West Elm feature the charming stones in their contemporary furniture designs and accessories. Adopting the stabilizing and strengthening mineral Agate into their coasters and bookends, the stone is said to host metaphysical properties- perfect for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy


Partially gold-plated Agate Ring | Erato

Many brands have collaborated metaphysical minerals into their products to reconnect the contemporary with the ancient world and its healing properties. As each mystical stone encompasses a special energy, this allows the wearer to take a journey and tap into their inner soul.

Written by Christy Chin

Edited by Christina Wright


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