Architecture firm Andersson-Wise seamlessly blends nature with modernity in an unprecedented style with one of their recent projects, Bunny Run Boat Dock.

Bunny Run Boat Dock ⎮Photo Courtesy of Andersson-Wise

Situated at Lake Austin in the city of Austin, Texas, is a beautiful 2563 squared feet boathouse that transcends the boundaries of architecture, by perfectly forming a coalescence with its surrounding environment. As if it were in “a state of natural decomposition”, as Andersson-Wise puts it, the boathouse intends “to be an inviting homage to the beautiful climate and setting — a place to become connected and surrounded by nature” (Andersson-Wise, 2014).

Bunny Run Boat Dock ⎮Photo Courtesy of Andersson-Wise

Designed as a retreat beside a lake for water activities and fun under the heat, this multifunctional building includes two boat slips, a lounge area on the second floor, and an open air bar. Bunny Run Boat Dock can be accessed by a stone stairway on the periphery of the hill, or via a wooden bridge that connects the summit to the secluded boathouse over a deep ravine. The second story includes an open balcony that is 15 feet above the surface, perfect for swimmers who are looking for an exciting dive. Not only is it perfect for a family spending time at Lake Austin around nature, it is also great for those who want to withdraw from the busy city, and immerse themselves into this “all exterior space” (Andersson-Wise, 2014).

Bunny Run Boat Dock ⎮Photo Courtesy of Andersson-Wise

Much of Bunny Run Boat Dock’s exquisiteness lie within its medium. The materials used to construct this boathouse — mostly a multitude of wood species —are natural yet practical. The architects also incorporate salvaged materials and several reclaimed items for the furniture and exterior of the structure, which demonstrates the firm’s eco-friendliness. The rectilinear forms of the wooden boards that make up the entirety of Bunny Run Boat Dock, complimented by the tranquility of the hills and lake, further manifest the beauty in the medium. These attributes create a hybrid of what seems to be a house floating mid-lake — intriguingly elegant in its simplicity.

Bunny Run Boat Dock ⎮Photo Courtesy of Dezeen

It cannot be denied that Andersson-Wise’s architectural design is rustic, elegant yet modern all at the same time, acting as a sanctuary that embraces the beauty of nature in the midst of serenity.

Many thanks to Andersson-Wise and the referenced sites for press materials.


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