As the temperatures plummet and the streets lie dusted with snow,  the stampede of editors, bloggers, stylists and shutterbugs continue to swarm Manhattan proving there’s no stopping this year’s New-York Fashion Fall Week.

Showcasing a world-win of surprises and lavish displays, the hottest names in the industry deliver their spectacular parades of runway designs in the big apple.

Thom Browne | Fall 2016 | Photo: Aaron Vazquez

Delivering the classic necktie with a conceptual twist, Thom Browne intricately reframed this menswear staple into an array of tiny sculptures. Adorning the head much like an exquisite fascinator, the American designer gives the neck-tie a new purpose. Playing on the theme of sustainability and re-using our garments as opposed to re-purchasing, Browne encompasses his accessories with a whimsical yet outlandish touch. Discussing his concept of re-vamping quality garments, the talented designer states;

“It’s really taking your existing clothing and making new clothing out of it,” Browne said afterward. “Really reappropriating. You buy beautiful clothes and they’re such good quality that you don’t want to throw them away, you just want to reappropriate them into something new.” (US News, 2016)

Jeremy Scott |  ‘Cowboys and Poodles’

Flying the flag for Jeremy Scott’s NYFW Fall debut, supermodel Karlie Kloss led the parade of space cowboys with a retro edge. Wearing a green leopard print coat with bright yellow leather accents with black fur trimmings, the American model was followed by girls wearing flashy western-style tops, cropped denim jackets, fringe-embellished leather pants and heeled rubber cowboy boots in a variety of neon hues. (Daily Mail, 2016)

Tadashi Shoji | Fall Collection 2016

Revolutionising the runways of 2016, Japanese-born American designer Tadashi Shoji delivered a daring array of tribalesque, second-skin bodysuits and form-fitting silhouettes. The eye-catching tattoo-like dresses almost appear invisible, yet host a grungy rocker-chic vibe. (Fashion Week Online, 2016). Describing his sheer body suit concept, Shoji describes the eccentric piece;

“Tribal, tattoo, bodypainting, and henna. But [unlike a tattoo],” the designer said, “you can wear my body suit, and at night you can peel it off.” (Fashion Week Online, 2016)

Hood By Air | Pilgrim

With references to colonial pillaging and airport baggage checks, Shayne Oliver presented a rich collection for Hood By Air delivering looks in long leather, patent and fur. As models emerging perched on shiny patent heels with their legs adorned in thigh-high waders, the collection boasted serious energy and traits of omanism. 

Alexander Wang | Fall 2016

Paying homage to the 90s, Alexander Wang’s array of themes covered elements of grunge to marijuana leaf–print minis. Expanding on last seasons industrial accessory range, this fall delivered a range of leather chokers and dangling earrings pushing the concept of an illicit decidedly youthful aesthetic. (Vogue, 2016)

Chromat | Fall 2016

With a background in architecture, designer Becca McCharen of Chromat hosts a narrative of structural-looking athletic-wear and lingerie-esque dresses. Inspired by the colour theory and light explorations of conceptual artist Robert Irwin combined with the biological functions of luminescence, the range is bold and vibrant. (WWD, 2016)

Chromat | Fall Collection 2016

Adopting thermoplastic polyurethane within the collection, McCharen places focus on the shape and structure of the clothes whilst championing the diversity issues of the fashion industry, such as race, gender and plus size models. Pioneering this conceptual couture, model Lauren Wasser whom lost her leg to toxic shock syndrome endorses that brand’s diverse ethics.

Monse | Fall Collection 2016

Evolving their deconstructed shirts of spring 2016  into deconstructed men’s wear-inspired suits, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia’s Monse collection is refreshing yet sophisticated. The range boasted masterful cut outs among clashing fabrics, from pyjamas striped silks to peach velvets adorned with laminated taffetas. (Vogue, 2016)

Explaining her rationale behind the collection, Garcia comments;

“It was all about figuring out how to make them sexy for a woman,” explained Garcia. (WWD, 2016)

Offering the perfect subdued yet crisp setting for this year’s fall finale, New-York has yet again proved itself as one of the fashion capitals of the world offering refreshing yet daring designs season after season.


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