With the ease of online-shopping taking customers away from real, brick-and-mortar stores, we have recently seen a shift in the nature of retail. Welcome, the concept store; a space where art, culture and commerce come together to sell not just products, but a lifestyle. HausMag investigates this new trend in retail in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Jose Miguel Sevilla, founder of Nuovum, speaks to the Hausie team about his personal journey which led to the curation of his boutique and the experience he wants to deliver to those who visit his store.

Nuovum storefront | Photography by Julen Esnal Photography

Jose set up online boutique Nuovum in 2013, with the objective of creating a space where people with shared visions could discover those hard to find pieces. A year after its launch, it converted into a physical presence with the opening of the first Nuovum concept store in Barcelona. Here you can find everything from jewellery and accessories to art and decorative home-ware.

Geometric Honeycomb shelves | Photography Courtesy of Nuovum

Sevilla studied Marketing and Public Relations at University in Buenos Aires, Argentina, majoring in Advertising Creativity. Upon returning to his hometown Barcelona in 2012, he found that there were few opportunities in the Advertising and Creative industries. What he did notice, however, was the huge amount of unrecognised talent in the area. Following his entrepreneurial instincts, Jose decided to bet for local, up-and-coming designers and provide a platform for them to showcase their talents.

Nuovum | Photography Courtesy of Nuovum

Nuovum is inspired by the minimalist nuances of Nordic design. With mostly wooden furnishings, the boutique provides a typically Scandinavian environment; clean, cosy and exceedingly well designed. The unique shopping experience that Nuovum offers is based around a large, wooden geometric display cabinet which takes on the shape of honeycombs. Sevilla says that Nuovum’s geometric hive is a metaphor, with the honeycombs representing the designers working together like bees, creating objects with the alluring attributes of honey, rewarding those who admire and enjoy their work with their fine aesthetic.


Curiosities in the Nuovum window | Photography courtesy of Nuovum

In the beginning, Sevilla would travel to trade shows and fairs around Europe to source pieces for Nuovum. However, now he has a big enough database of designers for this to no longer be necessary. Sevilla remarks that he exclusively works with up-and-coming designers which are almost always based in the Barcelona area, giving the boutique a unique place in the market.


Hadal Collection | Photography Courtesy of BET Atelier

Nuovum is a charming host to an array of carefully hand-selected curiosities. Each designer and product is unique and expresses its own underlying story or narrative. Designers featured in the boutique include Barcelona label BET atelier, who showcases an array of their conceptual handbags based on fantasy, extravagance and romanticism. There are also  exquisite pieces of interior design and furnishings from designers including Romina Gris, who specialises in ceramics. One-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery from artisans such as Julieta Álvarez can also be found in-store.

Julieta Álvarez | Image Courtesy of Julieta Álvarez

Sevilla hopes to deliver a timeless experience and introduction to innovative works of fine design, to those who visit his boutique.. His customers are those who love art and design and place value on unique, everlasting pieces.

I want everyone who comes to the store to seek a Nuovum piece to feel that they have found something exclusive and original that no-one else has.

– Jose Miguel Sevilla

With special thanks to Jose Miguel Sevilla for his insightful words.


For an engaging boutique experience, find the Nuovum store in the colourful district of Raval on C. Pintor Fortuny 30, Barcelona.

For enquiries, email contact@nuovum.com.