“Where are you from?” — a standard question cordially asked when forming a new acquaintance. A polite conversation opener that allows us to elaborate and inquire about the backgrounds and ethnicities of others with ease.

As we live in a world rich with culture and dynamic variation, racial diversity is rapidly becoming celebrated -especially in the world of fashion. Fashion is now used as a catalyst for cultural appreciation, with a number of designers, photographers and models all embracing the unique traits of multiracialism.


Italia is Love | Dolce & Gabbana Summer 2016

While some argue that the lack of diversity in fashion is still a predominant problem, recent fashion editorials have proved otherwise. In Dolce & Gabbana’s latest Summer 2016 advertising campaign ‘Italia is Love’, the Italian creatives embrace the exotic looks of multicultural models in order to enhance the brand’s very own Italian heritage. The innovative duo, Stefano and Domenico claim the campaign portrays;

 “those who know the Italian life and those who want to embrace it feast together, chat, have fun and take selfies as tokens of their vacation and the new people they meet.”


Emerald and Rose | The Global Girl

African model and lifestyle blogger Ndoema (a.k.a The Global Girl) wore the “Namaya” mermaid gown designed by African fashion designer Mimi Plange in one of her fashion editorials. The gown was inspired by Victorian clothing, Japanese aesthetics and the designer’s native African heritage. The mix of Asian and African culture in this editorial shows how we honour fusion in fashion.


Shades of Beauty | Harper’s Bazaar UK April 2016

In Harper’s Bazaar’s recent makeup feature ‘Shades of Beauty’, fashion editor Carine Roitfeld celebrates diversity in beauty and fashion — the feature simply states that our skin color doesn’t define who we are. Fashion multiculturalism enables us to embrace different cultures in apparels and photography.


Humanæ | Pantone Skin Color Project

Racial diversity is not only being celebrated in fashion; Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass started an ongoing project called ‘Humanæ’, where she captures portraitures of different people to record and catalog as many skin tones as possible. By referencing the Pantone Color Scheme, Dass intends to emphasise that our skin tones make more equality than difference, thus encourgaing us to embrace our true colors.

CUBA Fashion Revival | Elle Mexico April 2016

Previously renowned for its homogeneity and underrepresentation of race, the fashion industry is rapidly broadening its horizons and celebrating designers and models of all ethnicities. Although there has been positive change and stark progression within the garment industry, it is now more important than ever to be open minded and honour the beauty of racial diversity.

Written by Christy Chin

Edited by Christina Wright


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