The choker, one of fashion’s most prominent runway trends. Originally adopted by tribal cultures such as the Native Americans’, the intricate piece was constructed from glass beads and shells, primarily to be worn as battle armour.

Considered as one of the biggest accessories for Spring 2016, designers continue to challenge and create new and exciting designs for this quirky fashion accessory. With a resurgence of 90’s fashion trends making a nostalgic return, the choker has been revolutionised introducing an eccentric spin-off in the form of the dog-collar.

BALMAIN | Paris Fashion Week 2016

Balmain is one of the many fashion houses to embrace the quirky neck piece, integrating shiny metallic and plastic versions into several ensembles in their 2016 collection during Paris Fashion Week.


BALMAIN | Paris Fashion Week 2016

Their modern and versatile style means that the choker can upgrade any garment or outfit.

Sadie Clayton | Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Collection

Not only are chokers being pushed in terms of shape, they’re also being renovated through the designers use of materials. After graduating from Kingston University, Sadie Clayton stormed on to present her Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 collection at London Fashion Week. A self-confessed copper enthusiast, obsessed with its colour, and material her pieces express a decorative-meets-industrial aesthetic. 

Zana Bayn | S/S 2016

Based in NYC, Zana Bayne creates dramatic leather handbags and accessories, including a high-end take on S&M/punk inspired aesthetics, included in such events as Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.

Zana Bayn | S/S 2016

Maintaining her own main line of handcrafted bondage-inspired pieces Bayne certainly knows her way around a sexy silhouette, collaborating with Marc Jacobs to create a risqué yet dignified range of fashion accessories.

Boky Lee |Mirage Collection | Mein Choker Kit – Navy X Rose Gold

Inspired by scaffolding, designer Boky Lee believes that the basic role of her jewellery is to temporarily support the human body and mind. Embracing structural shapes, such as architectural or geometrical objects within her designs, the talented designer adds a playful touch to this runway trend by allowing the user to change the colour and material. With the Mien choker jewellery kit, the wearer can change the colour and material of the main body clasps and charms depending on their taste.


Written by Amber Weaver

Edited by Christina Wright



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