Delivering a cosmical narrative of intricate forms, conceptual brand Pani-Ka designed by Kamila Dziezyc hosts an array of designs for the open-minded, self-assured and experimental individual.

Beginning her creative journey whilst pursuing a course in cultural studies, Polish designer Dziezyc expanded her innovative horizons by opening her mind to a world-wind of contemporary possibilities. Influenced by connoisseurs of the trade such as her partner Fine Arts graduate Pawal and school professor Andrzej Boss, the aspiring apprentice became heavily fascinated by intricate forms and their vast versatilities, extracting creative elements and strengthening her knowledge of art.


With an array of elaborate designs, Dziezyc ensures each collection is embedded with a unique story. With innovative concepts marbling from sporadic creative impulses, Kamila often finds her inspiration deriving from the unexpected. Gravitating towards the assortment of shapes encountered during a nature or city walk, the talented designer begins her construction series by pondering which shape or form would better suit her next design.

Influenced by the works of renowned jewellers Jacek Byczewski and Otto Kunzil, Kamila embraces the aptitude for having fun among her designs yet ensures her collections encompass quality and refinement.

Pani-Ka | ASCETIC Collection

Adopting an alloy of high-grade steel, silver and gold among her collections, Pani-Ka designs emit opulence with an engaging twist. Connecting her designs through several leading features such as her avid fascination in geometry and how it interplays between the object and the body. The Polish designer discusses her eccentric ASCETIC collection;

“This collection was created as a result of my fascination with geometry, it refers to asceticism and conveys simple forms, minimalism and mindful relinquishments of surplus adornments.”- Kamila Dziezyc

Pani-Ka | ASCETIC Collection

Reinforcing the paramount of importance between jewellery and the body, the collection accentuates the aesthetics of pure form, proportion and attention to detail. Blending the organic shapes of the body into geometric forms comprised of metal or plastic, the different components fuse harmoniously and complement each other.

Pani-Ka | ASCETIC Collection

Based on high standards of design, the brand’s prevailing style is austereness and unrestricted by firm definition. Exploring the mutual influences and amalgamations between the body and jewellery, Kamila Dziezyc strives to advance and evolve her unique designs by further experimentation. Working on individual projects and unique pieces in lieu of full collections,  Dziezyc comments on her balance between creativity and commercialism;

“I enjoy working on designs that could be perceived as commercial because I believe that daring design can be popular as long as it is consistent and well thought! Commercialism does not have to be a killer or creativity – at least not for PANI-KA!”

Pani-Ka  | 15.1.2.SM RING15.1.1. ZS RING

Driven by the positive emotion evoked when a piece of jewellery is embedded within the memory of a pivotal life changing moment, Kamila Dziezyc aims to touch the lives of her wearers with a unique blessing;

“I would like for the person who wears my jewellery to feel gratified, affirmed, exceptional. I don’t design for the sake of designing itself, but also to share my creations with others.” — Kamila Dziezyc


With special thanks to Kamila Dziezyc for her insightful words and inspiration.


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