Runway after runway, collection after collection, beneath the unique individuality that characterises each designer creation lies the processed production of garment materials. Transcending the saturation of processed materials, jewelry designer label Pasionae is a willing advocate of raw and experimental design. The Earth’s abundance of natural resources are the perfect playing ground for contemporary designers like Pasionae’s Candela Turco who take pride in their artistic and creative endeavors.



Pasionae | Murano Glass Ring ‘Love’ | Emerald Wood Ring ‘Love’

Argentinian-raised Pasionae designer Candela Turco has always had an artistic flair. Having studied at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires, Turco later brought her creativity to New York to study Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Transitioning from artist to jewelry designer, she created her label ‘Pasionae’, a venture embodying her love for art and fashion, with the philosophy l’art pour l’art meaning to create ‘art for art’s sake’.


Pasionae | Melancholia Ring

Pasionae is Candela Turco’s application of the word  ‘passion’ which was derived from the words ‘anguish’ and ‘suffering’, seen by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a humiliating submission to the self. Serving as a symbolic rebellion, her label creatively expresses our natural, unrestricted tendencies and uses it as an inspirational muse for Pasionae’s contemporary, handcrafted designs.


Pasionae | Murano Glass Ring ‘Delight’

Describing how she would portray life in one object, Turco explains it would symbolise a contrast between paranoia and nostalgia:

“An extremely jagged-edge piece in a screaming vermillion color, bleeding red and purple tones from its junctions.” (Turco, 2012)


Pasionae | ‘Delight’ Ring | ‘Lust’ Pendant | Murano Glass

Embodying powerful human emotions, each metamorphic ring collection is an experimental exhibition of raw natural forms such as marble, crystal, wood, glass, silver and emerald. Pasionae’s collection Murano Glass is an intriguing display of handcrafted brilliance. Each ring and necklace pendant conveys an individual sensibility, showing off a daring yet tasteful aesthetic range of colours, texture’s and shapes.


Pasionae | Emerald Silver Ring ‘Love’ | Emerald Ring ‘Distress’

Simplistic yet opulent, the compression of design and meaning into small jewelry rings symbolises Turco’s dramatic motto. An artisan at heart, fashion is Turco’s medium of expression, and she embraces life with irrationality and imagination -her modus operandi when it comes to creating. The combination of wood, silver and emerald in Pasionae’s Emerald collections advocates a sense of emotional complexity and unbounded passion.


Pasionae | ‘Lust’ Ring | ‘Cholera’ Ring | Murano Glass

Irrationality is Turco’s main inspiration, and working with precious stones provides a boundless canvas for free expression:

“The most interesting creations can only be achieved by unconscious thoughts and passionate states of mind, very far from reason, where logic means nothing and irrationality takes control.” (Turco, 2012)


Written by Alice Pearce

Edited by Christina Wright

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