Delivering the essence of elongated chic, the long necklace has made a rambunctious return to the spring runways of 2016.

Elaborately presented in a combination of exotic forms and shapes. the classic staple has been revolutionised with the addition of the contemporary pendant. 

Calvin Klein | Spring 2016

Embracing minimalistic chic, Calvin Klein’s demure pendant contributes to the semblance of chic. Presented in one delicate thread or multiple layers for added hints of modernity, the subtle accessory appears classic and sophisticated.  

Tory Burch | Spring 2016

Giving a firm nod to Native American basket weaving, desert sunsets, cacti, and desert flowers, the Spring collection by Tory Burch is embedded with a soft sense of spiritualism. Innovatively crafting the recognised motif among her accessories range, Burch claims her workings arise from her imagination as she has never actually been to the South-West ; 

“I’m drawing on an imaginary landscape, I guess.” – Tory Burch (Vogue, 2016)

Junya Wantanbe | Spring 2016

Adding a flamboyant twist of sci-fi to this years staple, Junya Wantanbe enrich their designs with an aura of avant-garde. The cosmical accessories reflect that of an outer space alien, appearing outlandish and trendy yet slightly uncomfortable.

Maria Solorzano | Triangles | Long gold brass leaves eco-friendly necklace


Maria Solorzano carefully handcrafts her work with love, devotion, introspection and the expression of a certain thought or feeling. The eco-friendly artist integrates dashes of eccentricity within her elaborate collection, delivering a range that appears chic and stylish whilst honouring the planet.

[in]trigue | Diamond Stone Necklace – Rose Gold  | Diamond Stone Necklace – White Rhodium


Channeling strength and energy through natural untreated gemstones in an attempt to celebrate Mother Nature at its best.  Singapore based architect and designer Jamie selects the spiritual stones in their rawest form and applies them against simple designed metal bases in order to create her intricate pendant range. Shaped with irregularity and a unique cut, the acting architect believes each stone to be;

“Perfect in its imperfections.” ([in]trigue, 2015)

Erato Kouloubi | Deconstructing the Cube Collection



Erato Kouloubi encompasses a conceptual sense of intricaty among her designs, her pendants appear slightly industrial yet perfectly adornable as a piece of wearable art. 

Enji Studio | Connected Points Neckalce | Linked Neckalce


Making a public statement on an intimate scale, the Enji Studio pendant carries value, meaning, emotion, and tells a story. The American designer hosts an array of diverse abstract forms perfect for completing a bold and unique ensemble.

Drawing attention to the figure and making the neckline appear as slimmer, the long necklace with attached pendant acts as the chameleon of the accessories world. Harmoniously mutating to compliment the body, the stylish accessory hosts characteristics of sophistication and charm.

Written by Cecilia Marchiorello

Edited by Christina Wright