While copious amounts of artists look to mother nature for inspiration, Porto-based creative duo Ginger & Jagger deliver a narrative of organic chic with a romantic twist.

Founded in 2012, the brand is based on a love story between two characters, Ginger and Jagger. The tale encompassed by wanderlust and natural beauty showcases an array of treasured pieces created by Jagger as a result of Ginger’s travels around the world.

Applying functionality to nature’s most intricate forms,  the Portuguese-based design team offer a whimsical approach to handcraft. Unveiling nature’s sculptural shapes with unique artisanal techniques, Ginger & Jagger’s array of specialised pieces introduce the origins of the world into your living room.


The organic-inspired pieces illustrate that of an evocative poetic realm, offering a personalised touch with each piece;

Our design [aesthetic] has a larger spectrum than the products themselves. It’s part of a narrative. We try to capture a feeling through the stories and the products tell their pathos.” Paula Sousa CEO & Creative Director

Conceptual images © Joel Bessa. Nature and Craftsmanship images © Christoph Haiderer, courtesy of Ginger & Jagger


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