From September 29th to October 2nd, the Hausie team and twelve designers set up stall at this years Premiere Classe event in Paris Sur Mode, in collaboration with Capsule. Brands from across the globe made their mark on the fashion world in the infamous landmarks of Jardin des Tuileries and Place de la Concorde. Here are the HausMag highlights from our designers coming SS17 collections!

Hausie Showroom with Capsule | Photography by HausMag

Hausie Showroom with Capsule | Photography by HausMag

Our talented designers showcased their diverse artisanal skills and broad range of creative ideas. There was something for everyone in our Paris showroom.


Co.Ro Jewels Gasometer Cuff | Photography courtesy of Co.Ro Jewels


Co.Ro Jewels at Hausie Showroom | Photography by HausMag

A big talking point at the Hausie stand was certainly the innovative, architectural designs from Italian based Co.Ro Jewels. Designers Giulia and Costanza are both trained architects and their background feeds directly into their designs. The result is mesmerising geometric creations such as their Gasometer Cuff – giving the wearer the opportunity to own and wear a to-scale replica of architectural masterpieces from around the world.


André Ribeiro, Sagan Necklace | Photography courtesy of André Ribeiro


André Ribeiro at Hausie Showroom | Photography by HausMag

André Ribeiro‘s timeless masterpieces focus on juxtaposition. Firstly, between two contrasting materials, diamond and rubber. One of which is considered precious and valuable, the other which may be found thoughtlessly flung onto the streets. The resulting aesthetic juxtaposition contrasts the depth of the darkness of the rubber with the outstanding sparkle of the diamonds. André’s collection is an informed study of light and dark.

Mirror Mirror Brand, Illusion Bangles | Photography courtesy of Mirror Mirror Brand

Illusion Bangles Lookbook / Mirror Mirror Brand at the Hausie Showroom | Photography Courtesy of Mirror Mirror Brand/ HausMag

Mirror Mirror Brand at Hausie Showroom | Photography by HausMag

Bangkok based brand Mirror Mirror‘s collections for this season features an array of stand-out jewels with an art installation attitude. The ultra-shiny Illusion collection focuses on evocative imagery and exotic, dreamlike textures. Meanwhile, the Opera collection is inspired by the power of music, with sweeping shapes and bold, jewel encrusted embellishments representing provocative emotions induced by musical experiences. Finally, their Angel Hair pieces swirl with airy, atmospheric imagery characteristic of seasonal winds.

Heiter Jewellery Lookbook | Photography courtesy of Heiter Jewellery

Heiter‘s Swarovski encrusted jewels added another luminated element to the Hausie stand. The London based designer, Mia, holds a deep fascination for film noir and science fiction, which directly inspires her edgy, yet glamorous pieces.

Roula Dfouni, The Path | Photography courtesy of Roula Dfouni

Keeping it raw and earthy, Beirut based Roula Dfouni showcased her Drift collection of contemporary sterling silver pieces and gold plated patterns. All adorned with coloured gemstones, rough diamonds and gold plated patterns in uncut and irregular shapes. You can’t help but drift into the modern and mysterious style which is notoriously Roula this season.

[in]trigue, Fresh Water Pearl and Cubic Zircon | Photography courtesy of [in]trigue

Singapore based designer Jamie from [in]trigue brought to the table a collection of highly wearable rings, necklaces and earrings. The delicacy of her work is embodied by the mesmerising gemstones, both polished and uncut, which take centre-stage in her work.


Paolin Lookbook | Photography courtesy of Paolin

Paolin at Hausie Showroom | Photography by HausMag

Paolin‘s mesmerising set-up at the Hausie stand showcased designer Francesca’s incredible 3D printed pieces, giving us an insight into technological potential of future jewellery craft. Her mind-bending pieces for this season’s Lapislazuli collection are based on the magnificent floor designs of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice and take inspiration from Marrakech and Berber culture. In an array of bold shapes and patterns, Paolin’s pieces appeal to those who dare to be different.

Ona Chan, Dagger Ring, Mantra Collection | Photography courtesy of Ona Chan

New York based Ona Chan presented her wondrously creative designs under two different collections. Prompting the wanderlust in us all, Ona’s Mantra collection stems from her travel through Bhutan and Nepal. With elements of Buddhist inspiration evident in these pieces, Mantra is a simple, spiritual journey, crafted with earthy stones and ceremonial shapes. Taking a more geometric approach to design, Ona’s Lattice collection stems from her fascination with the architecture and traditional lattice windows found in the ancient city of Lijiang, China.


Second Daughter, Juleme Cuff | Photography courtesy of Second Daughter

Second Daughter designer, Jessica Speckhard, has a background embedded in the arts. This feeds directly into her collections with a pulse that shouts ‘of-the-moment’. The artisan incorporates a vast sea of influences – from animal life to architecture, in her pieces. Second Daughter jewellery oscillates unapologetically between minimalism and maximalism, with the prime concern of adorning individuals with extraordinary pieces of jewellery.


Marie Turnor, The Lunch Patchwork | Photography courtesy of Marie Turnor

The classic style of Marie Turnor embraces timelessness over trendiness in the spirit of finding beauty in everyday things – a paper bag, an envelope, the colours of nature. The brand’s essence lies in the realisation that practical, everyday items can also be exquisite.

Linda Sieto - Extreme Slashed Bag ss17

Linda Sieto, Extreme Slashed Bag | Photography courtesy of Linda Sieto

Linda Sieto‘s raw and delicate leather bags get the balance of edgy and elegant down to perfection. Her signature slash clutches and layered bags are not only super functional, but add an alluring graphic element to any outfit.


Popville Installation at Capsule | Photography by HausMag


Installation at Premiere Classe | Photography by HausMag

As well as an exceptional array of talented designers, the Premiere Classe tents featured specially curated installations, onsite hairdressers, masseuses and more to make the coming together of all these creative talents in such an iconic setting a truly memorable event.

Capsule at Premiere Classe | Photography by HausMag

With special thanks to our participating designers, and many thanks to the Capsule team during this collaboration.

Written by Anneka Shally

Edited by Sonia Wan