Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Quiet Storms is an independent jewellery boutique that focuses on unique and artful design, housed in a beautiful and elegant escape.

Speaking exclusively with founder Reshma Patel, the Hausie team were able to gain a further insight into the beautiful aesthetics and principles of this fresh and evolving boutique.


Quiet Storms Store Interior

Quiet Storms is the brainchild of Reshma Patel, a determined and innovative individual with a wealth of experience working alongside talented entrepreneurs and designers. Striving to create an experience for lovers of beautiful design, Patel transitioned her PR experience into creating her own successful brand.


Quiet Storms Store Interior & Products

The truly exquisite designs Quiet Storms have to offer are accentuated by the calm and inviting environment Patel and her team have curated.

Quiet Storms Store Interior

Encompassed in luxurious white drapes,  the layout is clean and hosts an aura of organic raw through the mix of wooden furniture. Offering a glimpse of unexpected beauty through the hand-dyed table tops, the store is decked out in custom-made furniture by Scout + Gather. Delivering minimal design on which the painstakingly edited collections are laid, the stark attention to detail comes from the intriguing finish as paint appears literally thrown over the tables.

Tables by Scout + Gather

Quiet Storms Store Interior

Offering strong metals and elegant structure, the captivating collections available celebrate designer talent from around the globe. Championing designers with an artful and unique point of view, each of whom possesses a commitment to beautiful design. The array of talented and innovative designers include Lia Di Gregorio, Sophie Bille Brahe, Jemma Wynne, Delfina Delettrez and Hirotaka.


Quiet Storms Store Interior

The New York boutique offers an insight into the life of its designers by documenting their stories and inspirations through ‘Designer Spotlights’.  Providing a tranquil environment where clients can discover and learn about new designers.


Quiet Storms Store Front

Constantly on the look out for new designers with interesting narratives and original collections, Quiet Storms offers contemporary design with a timeless twist. The exquisite layout creates an aura of calm delivering a singular and inspiring experience for clientele, confirming its position as one of New Yorks’s most stylish boutiques.

“In a world filled with manufactured noise, there’s comfort to be found in quiet storms.” Reshma Patel, 2016

With special thanks to Reshma Patel for her hospitality and personal comments.

Visit Quiet Storms at 142 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States