The minimal fashion style is truly timeless. By pairing simple, basic colors and confidently rocking sleek, clean silhouettes – one can create the look. A innovative designer who takes a cool and unique approach to this style of fashion is Hong Kong born British designer, Queenie Chan who founded her own fashion brand: QUIN.

QUIN questions the meaning of “beautiful” and seeks unique, contemporary alternatives for being cool, taking inspiration from the nuanced beauties of everyday life to emulate simplicity at its most innovative form.

Photograph courtesy of QUIN ⎮ Christmas Advertisement

QUIN Christmas Advertisement | Photography courtesy of QUIN

Brought up from a humble cultural background, Queenie learned to approach art and design quietly and critically without being too reckless. As seen from her artistic muses inclusive of Francesca Woodman, Gillian Carnegie, Agnes Martin, Nasreen Mohamedi, Bill Brandt and more, it is apparent that QUIN is heavily inspired by minimal and modern abstract art.

These artistic inspirations reflect in QUIN, a brand that embodies contemporary, minimalist fashion at its chicest form. Like her muses, Queenie places emphasis on the values of subtlety with the clothing’s sleek and cleanly refined silhouettes. Furthermore, the simple matching of colors demonstrates Queenie’s interests in a feminist undertone that would perfectly fit mature women who are chic and empowering. At the same time, the designs embody some boyish aesthetics that flaunt the youthful quality of her fashion pieces in the QUIN collection.

Most of Queenie’s designs consist of mixing juxtaposing fabric textures — soft and stiff, plain and complex patterns, light and heavy — all coalesced to create a subtle product of fashion. She is constantly exploring the use of different materials and colors, putting them into new shapes and styles. It is this harmonization between contrasts in Queenie’s versatile designs that allows her to come up with a variety of creative units that demonstrate her innovative perspectives.

The most recent collection in QUIN, the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection, is inspired by poetic, mysterious and sensual contemporary art and photography. Catered for people living in the midst of the busy city life, this collection discovers, in Queenie’s words, “the refined beauty and carefree spirit” through the exploration of textural juxtapositions that reveals “a spectrum of transparency”. The layering and contrasts in fabric and silhouettes illuminate subtle textures in the textiles, which are trending for the transitional season of fall. Whilst the key color palette of the collection is monochromatic, the collection retains a sense of femininity with touches of dusty pink and grayish blue. 

“QUIN aims to represent and establish a certain lifestyle and mindset, that of subtle beauty and aesthetics.”

Ultimately, Queenie believes that subtlety is much more powerful and attractive than shouting out one’s qualities. Instead, QUIN strives to carve out a new culture, style and attitude.

With special thanks to QUIN Designer for her insightful words and artistic inspiration.