While the concept of ceramic art can primarily be to create a beautiful surface aesthetic, the appreciation of this prehistoric art form has recently been revolutionised with a contemporary twist.

The ancient art process where clay is heated then moulded into a permanent object has shaped the ceramic scene as we know it today. The sculptable material has seen a resurgence of artisans pushing the boundaries and fusing this material with fabric dyes, bold colours and intricate ornamentation.


Silver Lining Ceramics | Katie Marks


Silver Lining Ceramics | Katie Marks

Seattle-based ceramicist Katie Marks founded Silver Lining Ceramics in 2011, and always knew that she wanted to work with porcelain. Inspired by bright colour combinations, the self-taught artist strives to fuse vibrant tones with porcelain.

Drawing inspiration from the overcast skies and constant week-long rain showers, Marks transforms the unique beauty she sees in the gloomy Seattle atmosphere into her artistic creations. The addition of sculpted crystals and gold accents in Mark’s collection suggests that her pieces can take the form of paintings or sculpture, and something as common as a mug can know no bounds.


KLEIN&SCHÖN |  Genevieve Bryce-Stenzel

Genevieve Bryce-Stenzel, the 22-year-old talent behind KLEIN&SCHÖN, created a captivating collection of handcrafted polymer vessels whilst working full-time as a visual merchandiser. Bryce-Stenzel first started experimenting with polymer as a hobby, after receiving positive feedback for her work, she launched KLEIN&SCHÖN in 2015.


KLEIN&SCHÖN |  Genevieve Bryce-Stenzel

Bryce-Stenzel mixes various polymer clays together to form her mesmerising marbled colour palettes, ensuring that no two pieces are the same:

“Colour palettes from strange places inspire me to create interesting things; the other day I went to my local aquarium and found myself studying all the sea anemones, for instance.’

KLEIN&SCHÖN means ‘small and beautiful’ in German, and it is the hope of the talented artist to create unique treasures made from love.


‘Porcelain Sapphire’ | The Collection | Alasdair Nelson

British ceramicist Alasdair Nelson created the ‘Geological Landscapes’ collection for his final year project at Central Saint Martins. Drawing inspiration from picturesque landscapes, his enchanting ‘Porcelain Sapphire’ piece is inspired by the colour of the mediterranean sea, hand-carved with natural textures.


‘Volcanic Anthracite’ | Detail | Alasdair Nelson

Nelson’s current work is based on geological formations, particularly the Geode. The talented artist produces ceramic art in organic forms, where he diligently shapes each piece by hand forming a shell and carving the intricate texture. Combining different natural coloured clays with vibrant, bold glazes to create the aesthetic of hidden worlds within his sculpture.


‘Earth Collection’ | ‘Volcanic Sapphire’ | Alasdair Nelson

In the tension between form and function, content and material, there’s an opportunity: contemporary institutions are embracing craft in real ways, while everyday wares are elevating into object art.

Written by Christy Chin

Edited by Christina Wright


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