One hundred and sixty-six years after its invention, the safety pin is still adding decorative touches to the runway collections of today.

Once renowned as a punk staple emphasising radical youth movements, the humble metal pin has been revolutionised to appear sophisticated yet retain an essence of eccentric decadence.

Here, we trace the thread of the miracle fasteners from the runways of 2016, through their prominent punk presence back to the very beginning.

Dior | Double Chain Earring | 2015 Collection

Dior | Double Chain Earring | 2015 Collection

Viktor & Rolf | Spring/Summer 2014

Céline | 2016 Spring

Johnny Slut 1980| Martin Margiela Spring 2016 | Photo: Getty Images

Humble war-time fastener 1947 | Zandra Rhodes  1977 | Photography by Vogue

Versace | 1994 Collection

Alexander McQueen |  AW2016

Alexander McQueen |  AW2016

Rachel Yeung | Safety Pin Earrings


With a powerful ability to completely tranform a plain gament or accessory, the delicate pin hosts the ability to add a quriky touch to any daily ensemble.


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