While the world of wearable design has predominately evolved to embrace the avant-garde, a new wave of collections have emerged referencing that of another world.

As the yearning intensifies among artists to explore the unchartered territories of the unknown,  the medium of design represents their vivid imagination and quest for discovery.

Givenchy | AW 99

At a time before Alexander McQueen formed his exclusive eponymous label, the design mastermind caused quite a stir during his time at the helm of Givenchy. The British designer delivered a parade of model channeled robots, their bodysuits covered in neat configurations of LED lights which conjured visions of a human circuit board. On the brink of the millennium, the theme was rather fitting at the time when the world continuously prophesied about the future.

Louis Vuitton |  SPRING 2016 READY-TO-WEAR

Crashing through digital frontiers, Louis Vuitton‘s frontman Nicolas Ghesquière delivered his creative appetite for the ultramodern. Presenting an array of imaginary cyber characters for SS16, the creative designer hosted a cosmical parade and perhaps his most extreme vision for the house yet.

Ghesquière’s cyberpunks wore motorbike jackets and metal-embroidered skirts, constructed with masterful-cut leathers, beaded knits and spaceship-print pants, all-embracing his twist of digital bohemia.

Dubbed by vogue as a collection of “graphic girls as living dolls,” Junya Watanabe sealed his models within vac-packed PVC suits  and ornamented them with an assortment of circular shapes, volumes, and constructions.

Junya Watanabe | SPRING 2015 READY-TO-WEAR

The models whom resembled a sci-fi pin-up marched down the runways adorning an array of alienesque headwear. (Dazed, 2016) The designers theatrical parade encompassed concepts of the brands formal experiments in pleating and adoration of draping. (Vogue, 2016)

Vann Kwok | Out of Flux


Addressing the relationship between what occurs naturally and the technically produced, London College of Fashion Graduate Vann Kwok explores the struggle between the natural and the artificial. The conceptual “Out of Flux” collection posses an eccentric elegance with a futuristic twist, exploring the correlation between time, space and body.

Viktorija Agne | TORANSUFOMA


Inspired by the transformation of objects and concepts of mobility, designer Viktorija Agne delivers a unique and captivating product range inspired by the sound complexities of the modern industries.

Enhanced by knowledge, technology and individual artistic insights, the brand of transformable Jewellery encompasses an essence of sci-fi chic whilst retaining elements of classic style. The advanced array embraces contemporary design approaches, as well as the aspect of multi-functionality in a tasteful and original manner.

Bianca Chong | . Re.articulation .



Delivering a unique visual and sensual experience to audiences, designer Bianca Chong hosts a range of intricate artefacts designed to rest on the area of body that the hands can reach. Combining traditional  hand-crafted leather techniques and metal work with the latest technologies such as 3D computer software and CNC, the talented designer aims to create organic elements that sit within geometric structures.

While the logic of the collection is to challenge the concept of continuity and articulation within an object by attaching mechanical elements within each piece, the collection host an aura of intricacy with a sci-fi twist.

Commenting on the avid fascination to tap into the design world of outerspace, creative conosseir Nicolas Ghesquière claims;

“We are all living with this new dimension,” he said afterward. “We are all managing how to integrate these new notions of digital, virtual, and cyber with our real life.” — Nicolas Ghesquière (Vogue, 2015)


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