“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” The awe-inspiring line of sarcasm said by Miranda Priestly in The Devil wears Prada has again reminded us that floral is no longer an unconventional idea for the Spring season. Nonetheless, the effortless beauty lying within the wearable horticultural pieces fail to cease people’s obsession; and this trend is fated to never expire. To survive and thrive in the fiercely competitive world of fashion, with boundless imaginative power, designers are racking their brains to create impressive works which reinvent what we know of floral once again.


Rodarte | Photography by Alessandro Garofalo

This year, without exception, floral elements can still be found in many houses’ resort collections.

There is no doubt that McQueen’s craftsmanship is second to none. If autumn represents the elegantly withered posies, spring must be the occasion for rekindling romance. After establishing a scent of tenderness and intimacy with tuberose flowers and ostrich plumes in last year’s fall collection, Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen, extends the indulgence of femininity to welcome the oncoming springtime. Tiers of graphic knitted ruffles in voluminous layers and rainbow colours are inspired by the vernacular patterns found in English wallpaper.

Alexander McQueen | Resort 2017

Alexander McQueen | Resort 2017

Eclectic jewel embroidery and parallel poppy thread work with tie detail and frill, placed in front of the chiffon long dress, offers a breathtakingly gauzy touch.

“The reality of what they actually are can’t really be captured in static photography.” – Sarah Mower, Vogue

Alexander McQueen | Resort 2017

For Givenchy, the complementary wardrobe of the ‘Skinhead Romantic’ explored is a reinforcement of its own classic aesthetics. The exquisite layers of tulle plumes, silk crepe and sequins in pink, resembling the veins in flowers, articulates an esprit of gutsiness.

Givenchy | Resort 2017

To re-create the glimpse of vibrant fantasy of a kaleidoscope, Elie Saab expands on pattern and print to enliven every elegant outfit. Inspired by the aura of Japanese festivals, lace has been used as the basis of streamlined dresses, embellishing with wisteria ruffles and colourful beads to construct a lush cherry-blossom scene. Despite the exuberant design, its minimalistic cut retains a sense of weightlessness.

Elie Saab | Resort 2017


Elie Saab | Resort 2017

Florals co-exist with silks as a perfect combination; but this time, Rebecca Taylor opts for a rather causal motif to present tomboyish charms. Jacket with rose prints, flouncy patched dresses, or the lace embroidered one-piece; all of them stand alone as a statement piece, communicating wearer’s individuality.

Rebecca Taylor | Resort 2017

Rebecca Taylor | Resort 2017

From the choice of fabrics, sewing and tailoring techniques to every delicate detail of embellishments, the quintessence of floral designs is all about bringing the petals to life. Confronting the common ‘wearable flowers’ look, this season comes as a challenge for designers to reflect on how their own style can be defined and pivoted through the theme of dazzling florals.

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