Exploring the artistic impact of the serpent throughout history, Italian luxury fashion house Bulgari have teamed up with the Museo di Roma-Palazzo Braschi to present the “SerpentiForm” exhibition.

With an array of millennia-old pieces from Pompeii, the Archeological Museums of Taranto and Naples alongside creations from Bulgari’s own archives, the captivating exhibition hosts an eclectic mix paying homage to the serpent through a range powerful coiling designs.

Bendetta Barzini wearing Bulgari Serpenti jewelleryPhotography Gian Paolo Barbieri | Vogue US | 1968

Serpenti Bracelet-Watch | Bulgari Heritage Collection | 1970

Gian Paolo Barbieri | Italian Vogue | 1975

Bulgari Serpenti creations from the last 50 years (Wallpaper, 2016)

Sketch of Bulgari Serpenti piece

Millennia-old gems on loan from the Archaeological Museum of Naples  (Wallpaper, 2016)

Serpentiform | Photography by Daniele Venturelli 

Antique jewellery from Pompeii | Photography by Daniele Venturelli 

Bulgari | Watch-Bracelet | Photography by Daniele Venturelli

Costumes from the Elizabeth Taylor 1963 film Cleopatra | Photography by Daniele Venturelli

With the perfect backdrop of neoclassical surroundings, the exhibition spans from ancient to contemporary offering a multitude of diverse artistic mediums.

Setting Bulgari apart from the Parisian fashion houses since the snake made its slithering debut in the 1940s, Vice chairman Nicola Bulgari comments on the renowned trademark;

‘Constant source of creative nourishment.’ Nicola Bulgari

“Serpentiform” runs from 09/03/2016 – 10/04/2016 at the Museo di Roma, Italia