Injecting a bit of magic into design, the enigmatic creators behind the mischievously waggish fashion brand Somewhere Nowhere are Rex Lo and Elly Cheng. After graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2012, they embarked on the journey to sharing all their favourite snazzy pieces with the world.


Somewhere Nowhere AW16 | © Somewhere Nowhere


Somewhere Nowhere AW16 | © Somewhere Nowhere

As a believer of unicorns, Rex and Elly are fond of divine concepts which go beyond our imaginations. For instance, Hirohiko Araki, the Japanese manga artist who produced the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure; and the London-based Hong Kong designer Ryan Lo, who consistently immerses his works in the theme of Romantic fantasy, are those whom they can always find insights from.

Ryan Lo | Photography courtesy of Ryan Lo

Drawing inspirations from 90’s childhood nostalgia and pop culture, Rex and Elly are dedicated to revive the trends that they miss – clothes which they wore as a kid, places where they used to go and all the things that they grew up with. Raver pants, corduroy jackets and layering t-shirts in their AW16 collection ‘EDELWEISS’ are examples which endow the ethos of their good old days.

Our major inspiration always comes from the 80s-90s. Anime, 90s Hong Kong movies, spice girls.


Somewhere Nowhere AW16 | © Somewhere Nowhere


Somewhere Nowhere AW16 | © Somewhere Nowhere

The idea of  ‘EDELWEISS’ came when they were on a summer trip to Switzerland. They sketched, took a few instax films and put them all into the 90s silhouettes. Whenever they are working on their designs, they do it separately and discuss what they have come up with together by the end of the day. Throughout the process of artistic exhange, they are amazed by how each other think differently; and this is exactly the finesse furnishing their brand to be such a hotchpotch of versatility.


Somewhere Nowhere AW16 | © Somewhere Nowhere


Somewhere Nowhere AW16 | © Somewhere Nowhere

The brand focuses on fabrics with dreamy texture and easy going tailoring techniques. Since both of them are familiar with patterns and sewing, they put their creativeness into something that is as comfortable as a pyjama; and as huggable as a teddy. Being featured on Nylon Japan, Polyester, Grazia and other fashion magazines, their crafty unisex works are making waves among the many emerging streetwear labels.


Polyester | © Somewhere Nowhere


ZEUM Magazine | © Somewhere Nowhere

Two years ago, the designers met Benny Lin, a talented Taiwanese designer whom they found her designs fantastic. Wanting to provide a platform for their followers to get to know her vision well, they have her latest collection ‘YOUTH’ available on their online shop; as well as doing some collaborations with Benny from time to time.

8enny Lin AW16 | © Somewhere Nowhere

‘Try not to be so realistic,’ noted Rex and Elly. For these two plucky idealists, candy floss and marshmallow are the stylish elements which they can pull together, to change the humdrum of life to a wonderland. Such whimsy might seem quixotic, but letting our thoughts run wild and soar is somehow a sensible approach to find our own feet as a special, independent, and assertive individuals.


Somewhere Nowhere AW16 | © Somewhere Nowhere


Somewhere Nowhere AW16 | © Somewhere Nowhere

The idealism and fantasy living within their heart is pushing the two designers forward along the path of creation. Never leaving their fancy bubble, Rex and Elly believe that their doorway will always be shown to those who share the same aspiration with them.

‘May the power of rainbows and unicorns be with you’

With special thanks to Rex and Elly  for their artistic insight and personal comments.