A portrait of the night, the Nocturne theme is set to be a mighty trend in fashion and contemporary art. (WGSN, 2016) Inspired by the dark shroud of the night and dream-like aesthetic, designers carved the fall fashion seasons into two utmost factions: the romanticist and warrior.

Fusing night-to-day wear, Vera Wang presented her fall 2016 collection with an air of dream noir. Highlighting the mellow and comfiness of night wear; silk pajamas and floor length gowns are transformed into luxe items.AlbertaF01

Vera Wang | Alberta Ferretti | Fall 2016 Ready-to-wear

In contrast, another group of designers constructed an epoch-marking warrior from the dark nocturne. Compatible with flexibility and toughness, various fashion houses showcased their innovative all-black stylings in resort 2017 collection.NoWarri

Givenchy | Dion Lee | Resort 2017

Shifting away from runway, nocturne is also making a compelling impact in contemporary arts. To celebrate the night, Dark Mofo Festival displays a collection of public art, film and music annually in Australia.mona-mofo-2

Dark Mofo Festival | 2016

Australian artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney presented their spectacular installation, House of Mirrors, in 2016 Dark Mofo Festival. The puzzling maze offered a cryptic and enchanting touch to the night.houseofmirrors

 House of Mirrors | Christian Wagstaff & Keith Courtney | Dark Mofo Festival 2016

Embracing the beauty of the nocturne and bringing it to the public, Nocturne Halifax Team organised series of visual art scenes in every fall season. Differentiating from the usual art festival, the team aims at connecting the city with arts in the form of social engagement. nocturne3

Nocturne: Art at Night |Ferris Wheel | 2015

nocturne4Nocturne: Art at Night | Sun Ship Machine Gun (Metallurgy I) | 2015

By switching the traditional format of exclusive art shows to an open public space, viewers can perceive a brand new experience and rediscover the connotation in arts.

The Nocturne Art at Night 2016 : Motive will be held on 15 October in Halifax.

Written by Elaine Chau

Edited by Sonia Wan


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