Celebrating their 6th anniversary in Hong Kong, sleek Scandinavian fashion brand squarestreet have debuted a brand new boutique space in the trendy Hong Kong neighbourhood of Sheung Wan.

squarestreet | Photography by Hausie

Design duo David Ericsson and Alexis Holm, transformed their boutique in an impressive eight days. Decking the intimate space out in a minimal mix of wood, metal, and a touch of botany, the new look offers a calming ambience to shop in style.

squarestreet | Photography by squarestreet

With a narrative of elegant contemporary timepieces and an elaborate footwear collection, the squarestreet designs offer an essence of minimalist modernity with a classical twist.

squarestreet | Triwa | Photography by Hausie

 Attending the re-launch party, the Hausie team speak exclusively to the founder Alexis Holm to gain an insight into his radiant world of design and creativity.

squarestreet  | Aluminum Collection | Photography by squarestreet

Hosting a designer collective from artisans’ across the globe, the ultra modern and crisp interior of squarestreet compliments the array of watches, footwear, high-quality leather goods, eyewear, and jewellery.

Aluminum SQ31 Timepiece | squarestreet | Photography by squarestreet

Often opting for higher quality and more expensive materials, the squarestreet timepieces stray away from mainstream style and instead offer exquisite craftsmanship with daring material adoptions.

squarestreet | Photography by Hausie

Introducing the Hausie team to the vision behind his designs, Holm’s claims he likes to start his design process with an enhanced focus on materials. This is apparent in the uber sleek Aluminium collection, where the Swedish designer adopted aluminium due to its light weightiness;

“You have to hold it in your hand to appreciate, it’s very very light!”

squarestreet | SQ03 Minuteman,Two Hand, Horn | Photography by Hausie

Appearing clean and highly functional, the latest watch collection adopts acetate for a marble-esque polished finish. With an adoration of the letter “y” and triangles,  the robust watch collection is constructed with masterfully crafted mechanics. Sourced from Italy and Switzerland, each timepiece catches the light and is available in an array of elegant colours.

squarestreet | Gram Shoes | Photography by Hausie

Carrying footwear lines from ATP, Gram Shoes and many others, each collection offers sturdy, elegant pieces with an enhanced focus on comfort.

squarestreet | SQ37 Collection |  Photography by squarestreet

Debuting the latest in-house designs, the SQ37 trainer line is skillfully crafted without lining, chemicals or plastics. The talented designer adopts Italian vegetable tanned leather and simple rubber in order to intricately sculpt the foot for an increasingly natural construction.

Inspired by material and the sheer balance of getting everything right, Alexis designs his collections from a technical stance;

“I don’t get inspired by novels, poetry or sit around drinking wine. I approach design from a technical point of view- I love the challenge.” Alexis Holm

squarestreet | SQ37 Sneaker Blue/Beige | Photography by squarestreet

The unisex collection is limited edition and available in black, blue/beige and yellow/natural. Commenting on the shoe as the “purest sneaker”, Holm’s proudly claims;

“For me it’s the best shoe I’ve ever made”

squarestreet | Photography by squarestreet

The assortment of contemporary styles with hints of Scandinavian aesthetic make squarestreet worth a visit. The apparent simplicity, functionality, pricing and quality of merchandise make it one of Hong Kong’s most stylish boutiques, offering contemporary design with a timeless twist.

With special thanks to Alexis Holm for his hospitality and personal comments.


Visit squarestreet at 15 Square St, Tai Ping Shan, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong