Self-confessed magpie and collector of intricate treasures, designer Annelotte Vos of SOTINE speaks exclusively to Hausie about her captivating designer collection. Born and raised in the Netherlands with a hint of Russian heritage, the Dutch designer has a passion for adventure, travel and design experimentation.


With a creative desire from a young age, Vos would spend her time painting and experimenting with the arts. Closely observing her Mother’s masterful ability to construct garments, the Dutch artist began assisting with pattern cutting and became increasingly fascinated by the world of design. Amazed by the experimental and almost scientific constructions of luxury brands Viktor & Rolf, Acne and Iris van Herpen, Annelotte became engrossed with the concept of pushing creative boundaries.

Sotine 2


Rich with experience, Annelotte’s soul is moved by her lust for adventure, cultural exposure and discovery. A self-proclaimed lover of art, the Dutch designer believes it has enriched her life and encourages those around her to develop themselves on an artistic level;

Art enables you to create different ways of thinking. It dares you to ask yourself what is my way of thinking and why do I think the things I think.”

SOTINE | Irina Bracelet | Bella Ring

The self-confessed dreamer and world traveller hosts a narrative of edgy, clean and elegant pieces, perfect for fashionable wanderlust. Generating questions among wearers such as how is it made? What is this made with? And where does it come from?

SOTINE | Ronja Ring | Kriss Earrings

Striving to construct a specialised piece blessed with the touch of handicraft and sustainability, the Dutch artist works with silver, gold, shells, gemstones and glass. With an invested focus in silver due to its shimmering aesthetic, SOTINE designs encompass an unconventional twist. Offering an element of surprise embedded within each design, Vos effectively ejects wearers from their comfort zones to take style risks;

“I don’t want to be part of a rapidly evolving materialist society anymore, so I don’t design summer or winter collections. For me it feels better to add or remove certain items and replace them for improved ones.”

SOTINE | Lexi Earrings | Binx Ring

Collecting an abundance of natural materials to dainty souvenirs from various trips across the globe, the sustainable creative draws inspiration from her library of treasures. With creative concepts marbling from art, nature, and culture to everyday life, Vos begins her innovative process by experimenting with moulds, later editing and playing with techniques. Fusing the deconstruction process with the ornamentation styles of ancient cultures and tribes, the Dutch artisan aims to translate these traditions into modern design. Offering an innovative resolution to decorate new areas of the body with a traditional twist, Annelotte Vos brings the perfect balance to the world of wearable art, blessed with a sustainable touch.

SOTINE | Kasia EarringsMina Ring

Encompassed with a flair of artistic contradiction, the SOTINE brand is touched with a contemporary elegance yet embraces an essence of organic raw. Offering much more than a jewellery collection, the talented designer embeds a special mood, atmosphere, and story within each piece – making every design different and utterly unique.

When questioned how the wearer of a SOTINE design should feel, Annelotte proclaims;

Happy, proud, confidant. I hope that they feel that the jewel reflects their personality.”


With special thanks to Annelotte Vos for her insightful words and artistic inspirations.