Inspired by the breathtaking colourful heritage of India, artisans have drawn inspiration from the exotic jewels that evoked its vibrant art scene since the beginning of the 19th century.  As the use of radiant colour and traditional beading techniques continue to fuel the fascination of the vibrant country, a wave of designers are now opting to experiment with the exotic.

The mesmerising styles of India based on ruby-beaded tassel’s, carved emeralds, and bindi-style ruby drops continue to offer a mysterious insight into the exotic East. Speaking exclusively to Hausie, Megha Jain the founder of Taara Jewelry guides us through the mystical haze that is Indo-Western style, providing a dazzling insight into her inspirations, and radiant world of cultural creativity.

Taara Jewelry

Born and raised in the city that never sleeps, former investment banker Jain had a burning passion to explore her creative side from a young age.

Inspired by her family heritage and  the whimsical colour tones of India, the aspiring designer often questioned why she had to wear a dull coloured school uniform and pined to decorate it with startling bursts of colour. Heavily captivated by her mother’s constant immaculate presentation, Jain was greatly inspired and would observe diligently as she decorated her ensembles with enchanting jewellery. Later majoring in Economics and entering the highflying world of finance, the American’s creative ambitions continued to consume her and after four years of chasing deadlines at Morgan Stanley in Manhattan, Megha made the bold move to relocate to Hong Kong and follow her creative dreams.

Taara Jewelry | Personalised Sketch & Family Photograph

Exploring new boundaries and experimenting with design, Megha spent several months in Baroda, India as her Aunts apprentice. The small Indian city renowned for its stones, was where the former banker learned the art of design and began transforming her sketches into tangible products. Encompassed amidst the unique architectural structures and radiant piquant aesthetic, Megha later moved on to Jaipur and watched her designs begin to take form.

Taara Jewelry

As the appreciation of jewellery began to transpire, the young designer began fusing her fascination with nostalgic memories from family photographs and world travel. Mixing old world charm with tweaks of modernism from exciting voyages, Taara Jewelry is designed for the lady that appreciates culture and travel.

Taara Jewelry | Mosha Earrings | Bamboo Earrings in Amethyst and Green Onyx

Bridging the gap between traditional Indian design and western style, Megha’s innovative Indo-Western fusion drives a sense of fierce exoticism with a contemporary twist. Whilst the aesthetics of the exotic East are represented through traditional colour, each piece has been modernised for added comfort. Making the lightweight designs perfect for daily wear and a versatile wardrobe addition.


Taara Jewelry | Moshi RingJasper Earrings

Adopting an array of precious to semi-precious stones from black onyx, green, amethyst to smokey quarts, no two stones are ever the same and are picked based on colour. Offering a unique edge to each piece, Taara Jewelry selects affordable materials in the form of silver, brass and 22 K gold plating to ensure each piece retains its timeless elegance.

Taara Jewelry | Empress Bracelet | Ming Earrings

Creating an eclectic array of one-off pieces, Taara Jewelry offers a unique multi-cultural blend with a cosmopolitan twist. Modernised to suit the wardrobe of the modern woman, the collection of timeless pieces make desirable treasures for the jewellery box for women of all ages and cultures.



With special thanks to Megha Jain for her insightful words and artistic inspirations.