The “Tear Gun” is designed by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Yi-Fei Chen. Inspired by the frustrations over her high pressure studying environment, the design student designed a brass gun that turns tears into bullets for her thesis project.

Tear Gun | Photography by Yi-Fei Chen

Photo | Photography by Yi-Fei Chen

Tear Gun | Photography by Yi-Fei Chen

As a international Taiwanese student, Chen has faced certain difficulties adjusting to the culture at her Netherlands based university. Chen remarked in an interview with Dezeen (2016), that her upbringing taught her that it is rude to disrespect teachers, but the current education system at Design Academy Eindhoven, encourages students to disagree with teachers when they truly believe in their idea. “The difficulties living as a foreigner in another country lead to high pressures in the study environment,” she said. “Those pressures had been building for 18 months before finally reaching a crisis point during one of my midterm presentations.” Chen recalls an incident where her frustrations and anger became tears. Feeling helpless that her “politeness became her weakness”,  she turned her emotions into inspiration and created the Tear Gun.

Tear Gun | Photography by DesignTaxi

Tear Gun | Photography by Inhabitat

Tear Gun | Photography by Yi-Fei Chen

The Tear Gun has a funnel that collects tears into the gun, which is then frozen to create projectiles that shoot out from the gun when triggered, just like bullets.

The Tear Gun is more than the surface level functions. Although it stands as an interesting piece of technology, it is a stronger design object that is thought provoking on its own. With the concept of turning weaknesses and frustration to strength, it is a design object that physically embodies the act of an emotional release.

Special thanks to Yi-Fei Chen and supporting medias for press materials

Written by Tiffany Ying

Edited by Sonia Wan

Morby, A. (2016) Eindhoven graduate designs a gun for firing her tears [Online] Available at  [Accessed 7/04/17]