For some time there has been a vacancy for a new cult item in the earring department.  By passing the standard baubles and hoops, fashion Maisons across the globe are now championing the uber edgy ear cuff across their runways. The style originally claimed by the vibrant punks of the 90s has since evolved into a signature stable piece, embracing sculptural beauty and practical impermanence. (Vogue, 2015)

Commenting on the extensive design possibilities of the intricate cuff, renowned designer Gaia Repossi believes optimum style of the ear lobe is now achievable without punching holes through the body;

“Their size and volume goes beyond what you can do with a piercing.”  (Vogue, 2015)


Bjorg – Knight Ear Cuff

Introduced to the traditional craftsmanship and ancient jewellery traditions whilst residing in India, Norwegian designer Bjorg’s feathery Blu Knight ear cuffs hosts vibrant exoticism whilst appearing ultimately chic. Embracing the rare beauty of imperfections the talented Norwegian aims to balance the raw and the refine, emphasising her strong appreciation and respect for the natural world. Handmade in Thailand, this mesmerising piece was constructed from black rhodium-plated brass and ivory horsehair fringe.(Bjorg Jewellery, 2015)

Handmade in Thailand, this mesmerising piece was constructed from black rhodium-plated brass and ivory horsehair fringe.(Bjorg Jewellery, 2015)

Katerina Reichova- Mullatem Ear Cuff

Katerina Reichova- Mullatem Ear Cuff

Working mainly with stainless steel and acrylic glass,  the “Mullatem” by Czech designer Katerina Reichova focuses on original author jewellery and objects inspired by futuristic style. Inspired by sci-fi and cyberpunk, the talented designer explores the possibilities of innovative design placement on the body, whilst ensuring the piece remains suitable for regular wear.

Constructed from silver the conceptual piece evokes a cosmic entity, reinforcing the idea of a mechanical futuristic lifestyle. (Behance, 2015)

Hila Kaminer

Hila Kaminer – Cranium

The silvery branch-like constructions by Hila Kaminer feauture an organic beauty touch with an element of amplified quirkiness. Through the delicate inspection of material and a combination of classic crafting methods, Kaiminer intricately fuses organic and mechanics technologies. Characterising his designs by clean aesthetics, Kaimer strives  to create a mythological aura encompassing his each piece.


Megan Issacs for Katie Gallagher – Nimue Ear Cuff

The Nimue Ear Cuff by Megan Issacs for Katie Gallagher features a striking silvery web-like construction. Coated with a matte polished finish over its intricate brass structures, the New-York based designer is an explorer of all things dark. Constructing her conceptual designs with a haunting element of romanticism.(The Brvtalist, 2015)


Psyche Jewellery – Matrix Ear-Cuff

Adopting recycled methods with an intensified focus on uncommon shapes,  New-York based Nina Berenato reflects her adoration of art and design with her irregular piece. Embracing the essence of bold geometry, Berenato comments on the personality of her wearers;

“The person who wears my jewelry would be someone that cares about preserving tribal cultures, cares about learning about different people, who is open minded and strong.” (Ecocult,2014)

With the resurgence of this punk trend, the desire to adorn ones ear lobes has never been so popular. As the presence of the ear-cuff has evolved into a form of eccentric wearable art, the former 90s trend is now accessible to everyone in a revolutionary array of styles and sizes. Commenting on the exciting future design possibilities of this agile piece, designer Eddie Borgo claims;

“Impossible proportions are achievable with the cuff!”– Eddie Borgo (Vogue, 2015) 


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