The concept of decorating ones hand for artistic purpose dates back as far as Ancient Egypt.  As the hand is one of the few body parts permitted to be shown in public within all world religions , showcasing intricate designs with accessories such as rings, bracelets and gloves has always emphasised great importance, marking a stamp of time and retaining  an ongoing timeless elegance. This body part we use daily to perform almost all tasks is continuously in the spotlight , therefore the idea of decorating it is almost as important as dressing in a stylish ensemble.

Although the  fall of 2015 seen a vast emergence of substantial sculptural jewellery, a fresh wave of twisted metal deigns coiled with intricate embellishments swayed onto the runways in the form of the hand bracelet. (Fashionisers, 2015).

While the exact origin is unclear, primarily these bracelets were drawn from the elaborate Indian heritage during the Mughal period and worn typically for weddings. With detailed ornamentation and regal colour schemes, the exuberant textures and motifs have continued to fuse and evolve with abstract design techniques. (Fire Mountain Gems, 2015).

Although the contemporary concept of mixing bracelet and glove is not new, timeless style icons, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, famously dawned this look throughout Hollywood’s golden era. Symbolising class and elegance, this fusion ideology has evolved with a chic modern edge. (bykoket, 2014)


Chanel, 2008

Chanel, 2008

The couture designer renowned for his adoration of gloves,  and is rarely seen without, is Karl Lagerfeld. The head designer of Chanel and Fendi states his appreciation of the hand accessory is due to its arm-lengthening appeal of gloves;

“You know what it means in French to have a long arm? It means you are influential.” (BBC, 2014)

Fusing his fixation with  jewellery has led to the emergence of  fresh creative designs. In 2008, the renowned designer created the timeless  golden jewellery glove which was featured at the Métiers d’Art”in London.  With delicate floral spirals  and braces equipped to fit three fingers, this extraordinary piece represents the designer’s adoration of mixing gloves with unique jewellery.  The resurgence of this subtle yet signature look is apparent each season as Lagerfeld’s accessories lines continue to constantly evolve with fresh, innovative and renovated creative designs.

Valentino, 2015

Valentino, 2015

Valentino debuted an extravagant piece of wearable art in the form of delicate silver ivy leaves stretching across the hand, resembling a leaf laced glove. The demure design of this contemporary look  instantly captures attention with its hint of autumn sparkle around the wrist transforming any ensemble from ordinary to whimsical. (Vogue, 2015)


Louise Manna, 2014

Louise Manna, 2014

With design inspiration woven through multi-cultural ancestry, Louise Manna is a brand that contributes finery with the elegance of precision. Head designer Nicole Brier is self taught and utilises her creative talent fused with conventional jewellery-making techniques into creating pieces of wearable art that appear chic and feel like soft fabric against the skin.  (Louise Manna, 2015) Her collection of hand bracelets reflect  her abstract perspective to fit with realism, the edgy yet elegant collection oozes versatility with its allure of understated chic suitable for everyday wear.

The hand bracelet stands as a fine piece of wearable art with a subtle to extravagant design spectrum. Its boundaries are limitless with its part bohemian, part haute couture design innovations constantly evolving with fresh diverse design solutions every season.

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