Established in 1837, luxury French brand Hermès are renowned for their plethora of classic designs, outstanding craftsmanship, and iconic silk scarves’. Cementing their place in the hearts of elegant women worldwide, the illustrious scarves’ have maintained their stylish allure with one selling approximately every 25 seconds.

Jeu des Omnibus et Dames blanches in 1937  | Game of Goose

The first Hermès scarf was created in 1927 by Jeu des Omnibus et Dames blanches in a harness workshop in the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris. Inspired by 19th-century horse-drawn bus patterns and popular traditional board game ‘Game of Goose’, the enchanting design was based on a woodblock drawing by Rober Dumas, a member of Hermès family.

Hermès | Claude Viallat Scarf – Spring 2014 Ad Campaign

Pioneering the concept of quality and strength into the design world for the first time, Hermès constructed their scarves with the finest imported Chinese silk. Cementing their position as one of the most reputable fashion brands offering quality merchandise with a stylish twist.

Hermès Scarves Production

As the scarf began to generate hype around the world, one of the most renowned designers of the 40s Hugo Grygkar took position with the brand. Honouring the design inspirations related to their emblematic component- horses, Grygkar introduced a clean balance of playfulness and tradition. One of his landmark designs ‘Ex Libris’ , created in 1946 is still considered a popular wardrobe staple today.

Hermès | Editorial Campaign

Although the scarf can be considered as traditional, the design has been continuously transformed and fused with the latest contemporary styles to retain its lavish appeal.

Kermit Oliver | Hermès

With a broad range of emerging artists and designer talent emerging annually, the French fashion house embraces contemporary creativity from a vast spectrum of professionals worldwide. From illustrators, painters to postmen, Hermès accept fresh designs and ideas in order to diversify their creativity.

Releasing around 20 fresh designs per year, the luxury fashion Maison also hire freelance designers from all over the world. Former postal worker Kermit Oliver is the only American designer hired by the French brand, having just completed his 17th design, the designer’s signature aesthetic delivers a vigorous narrative touched with elaborate details.

Henri D’Origny |  Tatersale Motif | Queen’s 90th Anniversary Scarf

Other than collaborating with a pool of designers, the opulent brand recently announced the release of a specialised re-edited design created by Henri D’Origny to celebrate the Queen’s 90th anniversary. The 90cm square silk twill scarf will come in a blue colouration and will bear the inscription ‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday 2016’.

Echoing the Queen’s equestrian adoration, the design team opted for the ‘Tatersale’ motif. Originally created in 1980 with four figurine horses adorned with guards tied with bows, only 300 of the luxurious scarves will be offered for sale. For each scarf sold, Hermès will donate £100 to The Queen’s Trust – a charity that supports projects encouraging young people to help others.

Written by Elaine Chau

Edited by Christina Wright


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