Industrial architecture has recently been spotlighted by the fashion industry, creating a wave of bold statement pieces, with emphasis on sharp lines and dynamic connections. The fusion of fashion and architecture is an age-old collaboration, the two creative branches have been inspiring each other for centuries. In the early Twentieth Century, German philosopher Walter Benjamin said that the two subjects exist “in the darkness of the lived moments, to the dream consciousness of the collective.”

 Co.Ro Jewels | GAS39 | The Gasometer

Guilia Giannini and Costanza de Cecco are the designers behind the brand Co.Ro Jewels. These architects turned jewellery designers are notable ambassadors of architectural jewellery design. One of the highlights of their collection is their statement cuff bracelet, inspired by The Gasometer – a former gas container in Rome. This building is one of the most recognisable features of Rome’s by-gone industrial era, and is often referred to as the “modern colosseum”. Their cuff, GAS39, is scaled to the actual proportions of the gasometer.

Alexander Wang|  Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Alexandra Wang is a long-time advocate of industry chic. He launched the long anticipated first instalment of his jewellery collection this season. In-keeping with his brands street smart identity, this collection oozes the industrial aesthetic that is notoriously Wang. His collection, featuring cuffs, chains and locks is inspired by the streets of New York, where industrial nuances such as bike chains and corrugated metal gates are found in abundance. This industrial edge gives a unique character to this ever-evolving city, a feature replicated in Wang’s collection.

Alexander Wang |  Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Wang’s New York Fashion Week set, where his collection was showcased, adopted a minimalist approach. A fusion of corrugated metal walls with perspective modifying light projections evoked an underground sensation. This eerie space channelled a certain darkness and allusiveness expressive of his brand. 

Balenciaga | Chanel | S/S 2016

The concept of ‘modern day heirlooms’ is one which shares an intimate relationship with industrial chic. French fashion houses Balenciaga and Chanel have released innovative collections for this season embodying the movement of industrial heirlooms. 


Talented Brit Nomera Ajmal is an artisan of metal smithing. Her captivating collection, Nomera, is inspired by the structures that shape our world.

Nomera | Opus Ear Cuff | Madrassa Earrings



The strong graphic lines and bold shapes which embody her attention grabbing pieces, are reflective of her architectural muses. Using precious metals, her wearable pieces exude industrial-cool.

Loop de Loup |  COLLECTION – NO. 001 TO 014


New York designer Loop de Loup up-cycles vintage stock which has been stored in warehouses for long periods of time. Her eye-catching pieces retain a feel of a by-gone industrial era with their worn metals, while their timeless geometric lines give a nod to industrialisation of old and new.  Loop de Loup leaves her creations in a raw state, so the metals will continue to pletina over time. As a result, the timeless pieces continue to evolve as exquisite, modern-day heirlooms. 

“I consider jewellery to be miniature pieces of sculpture. A great piece of jewellery can embody an entire universe and tie together all of the themes in a collection.” — Alexander Wang