Paying homage to the sculptural silhouettes of planet earth, the “linear landscape” has been predicted as one of the biggest trends for 2017.


Geographic Pattern | Fabric manipulation

Honouring the organic beauty of the natural world, recent runway trends have seen a surge of contour fluidity, linear expression and natural earthy tones.

Gabriele Colangelo | S/S 2012 | S/S 2014

Italian fashion designer Gabriele Colangelo, celebrated the beauty of his enchanting surroundings through his S/S 2012 and 2014 collections. His array of romanticised designs embrace abstract contouring techniques and deliver an aura of effortless chic through his use of semi-transparent fabrics.

Iris Van Herpen | S/S Couture 2011 | Fall 2011

The exhilarating works of Iris Van Harpen never fail to attract attention. A designer like no other, Van Herpen is renowned for her juxtaposed construction approach between handcraft and machine. Amplifying the intricate sculptures of the natural world, the Dutch designer uses 3D printing and textiles to create her elaborate geometric curves.


Yiqing Yin | Fabric Manipulation | Geography Contour

Inspired by the mountainous regions of southwestern China, talented designer Yiqing Yin bases her design concepts on the beauty of the Yunnan area.

Yiqing Yin | Haute Couture 2011

Now based in Paris, the haute couture designer offers a striking balance of elegance and avant-garde through her elaborate works.

As the fashion world continues to embrace and celebrate the beauty of the natural world, the minimal yet expressive style of mother nature is set to dominate the runways of 2017. Embracing the sense of movement and fluidity within this style, the predicted zen-like womenswear trend is set to offer a strong sense of personal expression with a quirky twist.



Written by Elaine Chau

Edited by Christina Wright


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