With robotic dresses frequently gracing the runway and the apple watch strapped to the wrists of all big city earners, the concept of wearable tech has become firmly integrated into our daily lives.

Matija Čop & Noa Raviv

As the fascinating worlds between design and technology gradually overlap, the introduction of 3D garments are continuing to take the industry by storm. Designers such as Matija Čop, Noa Raviv and Behnaz Farahi all embrace the concept of cutting edge fashion, striving for the perfect equilibrium between innovation and sensitivity.

“I consider a successful project as one which achieves some sort of communication with the public. “ says Matija Čop (Rise Kult, 2014)

Highlighting the relationship between the body and its surrounding environment as an increasingly popular source of design exploration. Designer Behnaz Farahi has produced a post-human narrative with a unique twist, adopting this concept and striving towards a radical new approach in interactive clothing. The interaction designer, architect, Annenberg Fellow and PhD candidate has developed the  “Caress of the Gaze” project,  a 3D printed creation in the form of a cape that moves and morphs in an animalistic manner every time someone looks at it. (CNET, 2015)

Taking the concept of sensitivity to the max, the designer whose past designs have included a headpiece that changes shape in response to brain activity states;

“Caress of the Gaze refers to the ‘haptic’ quality of our gaze. It’s taking something from invisible to visible,” says Farahi (CNN, 2015)

Highlighting the latest possibilities in design technology, the architect explores the tectonic properties of the materials used with the Objet Connex500 3D Printer, the device that permits the compilation of various material combinations in one single deposit run.

Behnaz Farahi

Modelling her design methodology on the skin of fish and reptiles, this mythical like creation covered in spine like features will stiffen and sway when a nearby stare is detected. With an integrated camera lens smaller than 3 mm, the immersed computer algorithm detects the exact location of observation. ( Dazed Digital, 2015) Playing on the concept of the outfit recognising and responding to the gaze of others, the creative designer is intrigued by the exploration potential of interactive environments. The designer comments on her inspiration for selecting the fusion between human emotion and its impact on the movements of the skin, Farahi states;

“What if our clothing could behave as an artificial skin capable of changing its shape and operating as an interface with the world defining social issues such as intimacy, gender and even personal identities?” (Daily Mail, 2015)

By implementing the design motions inspired by our natural systems, the 3-D-printed animatronic garment offers a vast range of opportunities. With its integrated micro-controller connected to the cape’s camera, the device can allegedly identify demographics such as age and gender through gaze, eradicating the natural intricacy of human interpretation. With the enhanced methodologies of interpretations available to assist human comprehension, the American designer states she is keen to observe her device stir up the dating game.

Behnaz Farahi

Although the design project is still speculative, it emphasises the advancement of the interactive systems fusing the worlds of fashion, art, technology and design.  Proving this fascinating piece of wearable art, with an added hint of superhero essence is slowly transforming sci-fi dreams into tangible realities, the talented designer states;

“In a way, my story is the same. Am I an architect or am I a designer? Am I a fashion designer, or a kinetic artist?It’s an open story. You’re waiting for the audience to write the ending for themselves.” Behnaz Farahi


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