Technology exists to improve the human experience; and when it meets with design, the boundaries of functionality with pleasing aesthetics are pushed to its limits. The New Normal, formally known as Normal or NRML, is an emerging New York company that “bridges industry leading fit-technology with premium materials, wireless connectivity, and award-winning sound”. (The New Normal, 2016)

The New Normal | 2014 | 3D Printed Earphones

You may remember them from two years ago, when they made waves in the tech industry for their customised, 3D printed earphones. This time, they’re back with a product that’s even more user friendly and customisable for all ear shapes.

The New Normal | Wireless Earphones

The new wireless, 4.0 Bluetooth earphones are adjustable at two points: the curve of the ear, and inner ear area. Using 5 axis adjustment, the fit arms “allows for the perfect seal and positioning of the driver, cable, and ear lock”. The “Fit Dots” which sit inside the ear are made with soft silicone with good grip, which are also adjustable. With an integrated USB port, you can charge this wireless technology anywhere.

The New Normal | 2016 | Wireless Earphones

Besides its high-grade technological aspects, The New Normal earphones Suit edition is made for “executives, travellers, and exceptionally stylish humans”. The hand stitched Napa Leather and Champagne Aluminium components give the headphones a luxurious and sleek aesthetic.

The New Normal | 2016 | Wireless Earphones

Minimal in design, there are no bulky or cumbersome wires and plastic which is often expected from Bluetooth technology. The piece is completely agile and specifically tailored to compliment the daily grind.

The New Normal | 2016 | Wireless Earphones Suit Edition

With an affordable price point and high quality materials, The New Normal are a leading example of how new tech and high quality products can be accessible to the consumer market.

Written by Sonia Wan

Edited by Christina Wright


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