Dubbed by Bloomberg as  the “Comeback Gem of 2015.” The Opal has become one of the most favoured gems of the year, the precious stone said to encompass mystical and cleansing powers has made a sartorial come back as the unexpected stone of  luxury brand Louis Vuitton. (The Telegraph, 2015).


Virgin Rainbow | Worlds Finest Opal

Regarded as the finest opal ever unearthed, the “Virgin Rainbow” was exhibited to the world for the first time in Australia.  Valued at $1 million dollars, the piece is just over six centimetres long, weighs 72 carats and features brilliant colours, from orange through to violet.

With Australia’s national gemstone making up only two percent of the world’s opal stocks, museum director Brian Oldman comments on the of preciousness of the exotic rock;

“This is an exhibition literally millions of years in the making, because these opals were formed back when dinosaurs walked the earth and central Australia was an inland sea.” (The Telegraph, 2015).

With its distinctive myriad colours and patinas, each opal ranges from opaque to semitransparent meaning no two opals are the same. With each stones unique trait acting as an inspiration for jewellery designers, the stone has been re-born into the world of couture. 


John Biagiotti | Opal & Tourmaline Ring

Specialising in innovative and contemporary designs, John Biagiotti  adopts an unusual combination of gemstones and stone shapes within his conceptual collection. The large, 14k gold woman’s ring features a beautiful piece of Boulder Opal accented with a trillion cut Chrome Tourmaline. (Metamorphosis Design, 2015)


Thierry Vendome | Gold Opal Ring

With a passion for mineral gemstones, the father-son duo Jean and Thierry Vendôme  introduce raw materials into their whimsical collections . Attempting to retain the organic essence of the opal,  Vendôme’s designs preserve the natural resource whilst embracing eccentric style.


Fernando Jorge | Stream 18-karat rose gold multi-stone earrings

Drawing inspiration from the laid-back attitude and effortless sensuality of Brazil, designer  Fernando Jorge imbues his collections with sensuality, energy and movement. Adopting the locally sourced pink opal from Brazil, the talented designer gives each piece a signature finish. Handcrafted from 18-karat rose gold, this modern piece is set with 4.40-carats of brown diamonds and layers of chalcedony and pink opal stones.  (Fernando Jorge, 2015)


Monique Péan | 2015

Renowned for her handcrafted materials and fine artisan, designer Monique Péan hosts a fine array of unique and rare raw materials, such as fossilised walrus ivory and dinosaur, in dazzling pieces that still draw attention to cultural and environmental issues on a global scale. After a trip to Peru in 2011, Péan discovered a rare and translucent Peruvian blue opal inspiring her further collections. (Wallpaper, 2015)

Noor Fares | Eclipse’ and Round Cabochon Rhombus Rings

With a revolutionary line of perfectly proportioned pieces infused with the designer’s passion for sacred talismans, London-based jeweller Noor Fares  ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Round Cabochon Rhombus’ rings feature Ethiopian opals.

Opal Green

Brooke Gregson | 2015

Described by Vogue as “mysterious and haunting,” the opal has rapidly become one of 2015’s most treasured rocks. London-based designer  Brooke Gregson primarily works with the stone, referring to it as  ‘nature’s paintings’. Commenting on the consumer  gravitation towards the stone, Gregson claims;

“I’ve been working with boulder opals for so many years and just recently people have started gravitating towards it.” — Brooke Gregson (Wallpaper, 2015)[/quote]


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