The Rubik’s Cube, the renowned 3-D puzzle combination that fascinated and ultimately mentally challenged the 80s generation. As the tipping point from analogue to digital is at its peak, the interpretive spirit of the retro era maintains its bold allure and nostalgic spirit.

Paying homage to the abstruse cube, its distinguished blocked pattern has exploded over the design world under a host of different guises.

E Pavillon Expocamacol | Columbia

Composed of bold primary colours, the geometric toy stems from the “Neo-Plasticism” style created by the pioneer of modern art Piet Mondrian. Carving a unique niche for himself by bringing his simplified abstract style to life, the Dutch artist restricted his work to three primary colours and adopted a grid of black vertical and horizontal lines on a white ground. Refining the subjects of his paintings down to the most basic elements,  Mondrian’s signature colour block designs pose as one of the most prominent forecasted trends of 2017.

As one of the most prolific sources of fashion inspiration, Staatliches Bauhaus – or just “Bauhaus” has defined German style for decades with its array of graphic design and boxy buildings. With its geometric prints being revered by design enthusiasts worldwide, its central motifs, minimalism and bold patterns are poised for the 2017 runway. (Global Blue, 2015)

Women’s Wear | Fashion Snoops | SS 2017

Encompassed by modern visionaries that embrace the Bauhaus era, architectural concepts and interior design represent the core elements of this signature style. 

Although the 2017 look features decadent touches of eccentricity, the dedicated style also incorporates tweaks of fine tailoring fused with splashes of bold colour. As the flamboyant patterns of the era re-emerge, the emotional and intellectual complexity of the decade is emphasised through its unique aesthetic. 

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection | Valentino 2015 | Boxy Style

With the predicted garments set to encompass a spirited mix of architectural substance paired with the ’80s whimsical vibe. Exaggerated geometrical prints will become embedded within tapered silhouettes, offering a mix-matching edge to each ensemble.

Rochas Pre-Fall 2016 collection | Carven | Wrap Skirt

Tailored shapes will expand as a more roomy garment will emerge, whilst faithful garments such as the boxy jacket will make a return along with the wrap skirt and bauhaus wide-legged flair of the 70s.


With the slip-on mule edging its way back into this vibrant forecast, Australian designer Carolin Holzhuber adds an exciting twist to the footwear industry. Adopting the vibrant primary colours and the architectural traits of the signature trend, Holzhuber’s fine array of dynamic constructions are mixed with the typically aesthetic of a shoe.



Incorporating handcraft work with new and innovative materials such as carbon fibre, the talented designers complex collection represents the era of modern fashion. (Carolin Holzhuber, 2015)

One We Made Earlier


Bringing this future trend into the world of bijoux, London-based husband and wife duo Emma and Rob Orchardson draw on their backgrounds in fine art and design to create bold statement pieces. Their revolutionary designs encompass contemporary style with a dignified hint of vibrant beauty.

Exploring the patterned decadence of the retro era, the Rubik’s cube style offers a broad array of fun-filled mixed media combinations. Channeling a message of artful sophistication, the asymmetrical styles and materials incorporate an essence of contemporary elegance, ultimately representing the future style of the modern women.


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