While avant-garde designs have always evoked great excitement among the artistic community, designers are now fusing imaginative concepts with some of the world’s most complex technologies more than ever before.

Utilising his background in architecture to construct garments made of new materials and techniques, Paco Rabanne claimed this look in 1934 with his regal knights tale inspired circular headpiece.

As technology advances, artisans are now using 3D printing, sculpting and plaster moulding to embed abstract shapes within their designs, embracing this concept to create an array of stylish yet outlandish attachable accessories perfect for adorning the head.

Paco Rabanne | 1934

Mohawk Headdress by Vivian Chiu

Junya Watanabe | 2010 Collection

Junya Watanabe | 2016 Collection

Blue crown by Halina Mrożek

Golden Masc by Halina Mrożek

Mirror masc by Halina Mrożek

HAN BING by JMN for Modern Weekly China | Spring/Summer 2014