Throughout the world of fashion, texture has become a much more considered and creative attribute when designing a garment. Texture influences the way an outfit is received by possessing its own quirky character and charm, manipulating how the model is viewed as a fashion object and statement. In present day, texture boasts its own playground of experimentation, where designers can play, and create, beautifully sculptured fashion designs, forever pushing the limitless boundaries of ideas.


Alexander Wang | Balenciaga Collection Autumn – Winter 2013/2014

Here Wang presents an extremely elegant and sophisticated collection. His black and white pieces with narrow silhouettes, highlighted by the curves and rounded shoulders, produce a sleek and refined effect. A closer look at one of his pieces show the garments surface material cracked and fractured. This textured design creates a unique and unconventional pattern, establishing a delicate yet fragmented identity through such manipulation of its surface material.

Alexander Wang |  Balenciaga collection Autumn – Winter 2013/2014

To match the pieces, the interior design for the cat-walk obtains Wang’s stark black and white colour scheme paired with a floor in Carrara marble, mirroring that of the garments texture.

MATIJA COP | OBJECT 12-1 Collection 2014

Having graduated in 2014, Croatian designer Matija Čop has made a bold statement with his collection, Object 12-1. A striking mixture of sculpture and conceptual fashion, his pieces go above and beyond the traditional realm of wearables’. Inspired by architecture and the chiseled stone material used to construct the Šibenik cathedral, it’s no wonder the texture of his pieces have so much detail and depth, resembling sculptural buildings as each part works together to create one whole form.

Anna Jordan | Guard | 2014-2016

As Anna Jordan demonstrates in her pieces, Guard and Lurker, texture isn’t just restricted to fabric. By covering the face completely, Jordan’s work summons strong associations with the concept of identity. Guard takes an unconventional yet exciting approach to the material process by using pencil sharpeners, constructing an eccentric yet light-hearted texture, almost as if the models once colourful skin is flaking.

Anna Jordan | Lurker | 2014-2016

In comparison Lurker’s dark and bold gems create a dramatic snake-skin effect, enhanced by the models aquatic environment and position. Both pieces possess an animal-like nature created by their innovative textural design.

Morana Kranjec | 2012 | Photos by Sandra Vitaljić

Inspired by traditional Japanese clothing, and experimenting with origami, Croatian-born designer Morana Kranjec creates beautifully sculptured and constructed fashion pieces. In terms of her garment construction, Morana creates 3D garments made of sheets of paper, bringing a modern twist to a strong traditional aesthetic.

Morana Kranjec | 2012 | Photos by Sandra Vitaljić

Her protruding and uniquely crafted surface design breeches the boundaries of classic Western based womenswear, challenging the conventional female form and silhouette by introducing paper as a means of expression.

Written by Amber Weaver

Edited by Christina Wright



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