Currently displayed at the National Art Centre in Tokyo is the major works of fashion designer, Issey Miyake. Miyake was born in Japan’s Hiroshima Prefecture in 1938, and studied graphic design at Tama Art University in 1960.

National Art Centre | Tokyo

The designer established Miyake design studio in 1970 and began presenting his fashion collections in Paris three years later. The exhibition displays forty-five years of his innovative designs, guiding the viewer through the exciting and creative journey of Miyake’s career. This talented designer is best known for his origami-like garments, highlighting his unique and fascinating approach to fashion.

Issey Miyake | Photography by Masaya Yoshimura

By examining his prosperous in fashion, the viewer can analyse and discover Miyake’s ideas and design thinking, from his earliest projects to his most recent, the exploratory element of his exhibition is like no other. Throughout his time as a fashion designer, Miyake explored a variety of methods to manipulate fabric, creating contemporary shapes and textures which fold in unusual ways.

 Issey Miyake | Photography by Masaya Yoshimura

The exhibition is separated into three large rooms, dedicated to his work in chronological order. The first debuts his early designs from the 1970’s displayed in long neat lines. The second, Miyake’s work from the 1980’s. In this room the viewer can see a more human-focused approach, paying close attention the silhouette of the human form.

Issey Miyake | Photography by Masaya Yoshimura

Finally, the largest room included the designer’s most recent pleated, folded and sculptural garments. Each section adorns the different printing and construction techniques used to create the clothing.

the-work-of-miyake-issey-exhibition-the-national-art-centre-tokyo_dezeen_1568_7Issey Miyake | Photography by Masaya Yoshimura

the-work-of-miyake-issey-exhibition-the-national-art-centre-tokyo_dezeen_1568_9Issey Miyake | Photography by Masaya Yoshimura

the-work-of-miyake-issey-exhibition-the-national-art-centre-tokyo_dezeen_1568_8Issey Miyake | Photography by Masaya Yoshimura

A part of the exhibition, Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka created an installation of transparent mannequins for Miyake’s garments to adorn.

the-work-of-miyake-issey-exhibition-the-national-art-centre-tokyo_dezeen_1568_1Issey Miyake | Tokujin Yoshioka installation

Each body is made from 365 layers of laser-cut acrylic, placed one on top of each in horizontal and vertical layers to form the shape of a women’s body.

the-work-of-miyake-issey-exhibition-the-national-art-centre-tokyo_dezeen_936_5Issey Miyake | Tokujin Yoshioka installation

While the show is dedicated to the celebration of Miyake’s work, the Japenese designer maintains a humble attitude and was quick to point out at a press conference that now, many of his famous technological innovations are the result of collaborating with others.

Issey Miyake | Tokujin Yoshioka installation

“Now we are working as a team, so my team might tell me that there’s a certain machine or something. I’m not very strong when it comes to using technology, but they come to me with ideas of things that exist that we might be able to use and [my designs and inspirations] are connected to that,” he said.

Issey Miyake | Tokujin Yoshioka installation

“The work of Miyake Issey” exhibits till June 13 at the The National Art Center, Tokyo  7 Chome-22-2 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo 106-8558, Japan. His office says overseas exhibitions have not yet been decided.



Written by Amber Weaver

Edited by Christina Wright


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