The inconvenience of a dying phone battery can be somewhat disheartening. The durable product we compile our lives into everyday has become more of an essential than a fad. We now live in a generation with an estimated world population of around 7.25 billion, of which 7.1 billion will have mobile phones subscriptions by the end of this year. (Bloomberg, 2015).

Whether this product impact is crucial or catastrophic to daily life, designers have integrated technology with a new purpose of serving the mobile phone. Whether its desiring to charge a low battery at any point world wide sans electricity or a deterrent to avoid annoying notifications, the world of wearable art has integrated with mobile technology producing  some atypical accessories.

Israeli designer Naomi Kizhner has produced a range of innovative jewellery designs that will literally make your blood crawl. Her collection of abstract designs represent the standard qualities of a jewellery collection with one extraordinary difference, each piece features spikes at both ends for the sole purpose of inserting into the wearer’s veins. This bionic piece is produced for the purpose of converting kinetic power from the body’s involuntary movements into electricity, the golden wheel based inside the design is turned by continuous flow of blood eventually creating an adequate amount of energy to produce electricity. (Daily Mail, 2014).

Naomi Kizhner | Energy Addicts

The “Energy Addicts” collection created as part social experiment part art project, features three savvy yet invasive designs: the Blood Bridge, which inserts into the veins of your lower arm; the Blinker,  which fits securely onto the bridge of the nose and captures the energy utilised while blinking; the E-pulse Conductor, which is designed to be fitted on the top of the back, collecting energy from the spinal cord nerves. (Daily Mail, 2015)

When questioned on design inspiration for this eccentric collection, Kizhner stated the modern desperation for constant technology fused with art influenced her collection;

“I wanted to explore the post-humanistic approach that sees the human body as a resource… Will we be willing to sacrifice our bodies in order to produce more energy?”   (Elite Daily, 2014).

While technologies are advancing to ensure we have our phones equipped for purpose at all times; it can often seem there is no escape from this buzzing appliance. With this in mind a London based design studio has created an accessory range that assists in avoiding notification nausea.

Kovert Designs, 2014

British-based Kovert Designs offer a collection of high-end wearable technology pieces in the form of rings, necklaces and bracelets.  (Jck Online, 2014)

The “ Cleopatra Collection” holds the objective of reducing distractions in order to re-connect back to the natural world;

“We strive to make technology less obtrusive and more invisible, challenging you to reset the balance between digital and physical and remember how to live in the moment.”

Each customised piece contains an ALTRIUS stone that carries an electronic circuit board, rechargeable battery, vibration motor, sensors and Bluetooth Smart to ensure the stone has the ability to wirelessly connect to smartphones. The collection is constructed from the diamond replica zirconia ceramic and uses polished plastic at its base to ensure water resistance.

The ideology, to ensure the wearer receives subtle vibrations from services of importance through the quirky jewellery piece, as opposed to being harassed by push notifications via mobile phone.  Using the Kozert iOS app, wearers can create customised profiles of the services, people or keywords they desire to receive contact with. The time of contact can also be tailored within the app, ensuring it fits with the users’ schedule and the nudges will be specifically from a person of interest. (Psfk, 2014) Each piece not only ensures a guaranteed time slot free of interruptions and noise, but appears ultimately chic in available tones of gold, rose gold, or platinum.


Altruis Rings by Kovert Designs, 2014

Altruis Rings by Kovert Designs, 2014

As the world of technology continues to advance, creative concepts are fiercely evolving linking art and technology. Whether using the very blood from your veins to generate battery energy for your mobile phone, or desire the simple 100% attention to re-connect with the natural world without disturbance, helpful concepts are readily available in the form of abstract designs confirming you can look as avant-guard or as chic as you desire on the go.


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