With no preset ideas or expectations, MAX.TAN have introduced their Spring/Summer 2016 collection with a conceptual twist. Driving the concept that design perfection is impossible to achieve, the Singaporean brand experiment with quirky cuts whilst striving to create unexpected silhouettes and austere moods.

Aiming to produce maximum results on minimalistic ideas,the garments play with volume, modified shape and use, masculine, feminine, oversize, undersized, deconstruction, reconstruction and transformation. (Max Tan, 2016)

With design rules and standards aside, the Singaporean design team believe this leaves learning space for enhanced growth, exploration, and fresher design.  Unveiling their avant-guard collection of exaggerated silhouettes, draped in neutral tones of  blacks and whites, the designs also features a bold touch of stinging red providing an additional element of surprise. Commenting on the unique design deconstruction,

In order to gain, one has to let go. In order to improve, one has to take a step back. To design without the design in mind is still a form of creation. Max-Tan (Design Milk, 2016)